July 19, 2022
  • Rakuten Group, Inc.

Total Cumulative Number of Rakuten Points Issued Exceeds Three Trillion

- 500 billion points issued in the 11 months since Rakuten achieved its 2.5 trillion cumulative points milestone.

Tokyo, July 19, 2022 – Rakuten Group, Inc. today announced that the total cumulative number of points issued through its Rakuten Points loyalty program has exceeded three trillion*1. Through the ongoing implementation of a variety of campaigns, the resurgence of offline consumption and increased usage of Rakuten Group services, 500 billion Rakuten Points have been issued in the 11 months since Rakuten achieved the 2.5 trillion total cumulative points issued milestone.

To commemorate the new milestone, a dedicated website explaining the ways in which Rakuten Points can be collected was launched earlier today. A special three trillion cumulative Rakuten Points issued campaign is also planned for the near future *2.

Website: https://point.rakuten.co.jp/guidance/3trillion/


In addition to Rakuten services such as Rakuten Ichiba, Rakuten Card, Rakuten Bank and Rakuten Mobile, Rakuten’s flagship loyalty program Rakuten Points can also be earned and spent when shopping on Rakuten’s diverse portfolio of services and at partner stores across Japan. Launched in November 2002, the points program is approaching its 20th anniversary this year. Rakuten Points reached the milestone of one trillion total cumulative points issued in July 2017, followed by two trillion points in September 2020 and 2.5 trillion points in August 2021. In addition, the average number of points earned per Rakuten member increased by approximately 1.4 times*3 in the three-year span between 2019 and 2021, while the number of members who have earned 100,000 or more total points has exceeded 7.5 million*4.

Contributing factors to the achievement of three million total cumulative points issued include a variety of ongoing campaigns across the Rakuten Group. On the Rakuten Ichiba online marketplace, this includes the “Okaimono Marathon” and Rakuten Super Sale events, and other group services continue to offer incentives such as the Super Point Up Program, which scales up the amount of points earned according to the number of Rakuten Group services  being used.

Elsewhere, Rakuten Card’s transaction value is increasing due to the increased number of cards being issued as well as the recovery in offline spending, while services such as Rakuten Pay and Rakuten Point Card have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of usage at participating stores. Additionally, Rakuten Mobile subscribers are increasing and other Rakuten Group services have been receiving active use – all factors that have contributed to achieving three trillion total cumulative points issued.

Rakuten’s unique ecosystem consists of more than 70 services spanning e-commerce, travel, finance, telecommunications, sports and more. Rakuten Points can be used on many Rakuten services and at affiliated merchants (approximately five million locations) and can also be exchanged with approximately 50 different points and miles programs issued by partner companies. The ways in which customers can use their Rakuten Points continues to expand: Easy Point Investment by Rakuten Point Club gives users a simulated investment experience using Rakuten Points, while similarly the Point Bitcoin by Rakuten Point Club service offers users a Bitcoin-trading experience. Additionally, Rakuten Point Interest allows users to increase their Rakuten Points in accordance with a predetermined interest rate.

Combined with constant improvements made to the convenience of Rakuten’s services, these campaigns and initiatives have contributed to the loyalty program’s popularity, and Rakuten Points has been consecutively named the number 1 loyalty points program in Japan for overall customer satisfaction. Rakuten Points has also been rated the points program users in Japan most want to earn and spend*5.

Rakuten will continue aiming to provide increased convenience and a more enjoyable user experience that passes on savings to customers, as well as innovative new value through Rakuten Points and the Rakuten Ecosystem.

*1 Exceeded on Friday July 15, 2022. One point is worth one yen.
*2 Campaign details available soon on the dedicated website for special promotion content.
*3 Comparison of average number of points earned per year per active user for each year for the three years from 2019 to 2021.
*4 As of July 1, 2022. Number of users with a registered Rakuten ID.
*5 Source: “Survey on Points Systems.” Valid responses: 1,000. Online survey conducted by MyVoice Communications, Inc. in October 2021.


*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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