ESG Information

Guided by the Rakuten Group Code of Ethics, we communicate transparently with our stakeholders and disclose ESG (environmental, social, governance) information to illustrate how our commitment to the highest ethical standards translates into concrete actions, as well as reporting on our progress towards sustainable business practices.

Governance information

Under the guidance of Rakuten Brand Concepts, we implement wide ranging measures based on the belief that enhanced corporate governance is indispensable to maximizing our corporate value and to realizing our goal of becoming a Global Innovation Company.

  • Corporate Governance

    As rigorous corporate governance is our highest priority, the Rakuten aims to maximize corporate value through the implementation of necessary measures.

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  • Compliance and Tax Strategy

    Guided by the Rakuten Group Code of Ethics, we have adopted systems to ensure that all our companies comply with regulatory requirements.

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  • Risk Management

    Our Group Risk Management Rules are carefully implemented to address risk factors that could hinder the achievement of our business goals.

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Social information

Since our founding, Rakuten has been dedicated to empowering people and society. We strive to engage our employees and communities wherever we operate through unique initiatives and systems aimed at the sustainable development of our business and our global society.

  • Employees and Human Rights

    Workforce diversity is one of our key corporate strategies for long-term success. We strive to provide a pleasant work environment where all employees can grow, while maintaining our Group’s commitment to fundamental human rights responsibilities.

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  • Diversity

    Workforce diversity is one of our key corporate strategies for long-term success. We respect and value the unique qualities of our employees worldwide.

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  • Philanthropic Activities

    Our employees volunteer to address important social issues through the application of our services and technologies, hand in hand with all stakeholders involved in our operations, including our business partners, customers, governments, and NPOs.

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Environmental information

Rakuten recognizes and respects our dependence on the environment. From the broad range of products sold on Rakuten Ichiba to the travel destinations promoted on Rakuten Travel, all our businesses depend on the richness of our natural environment. This is why Rakuten is committed to reducing its environmental impacts, conserving the environment and protecting nature in all our operations.

  • Environment

    From packaging minimization and re-delivery prevention to wildlife protection, we are committed to reducing the environmental impacts of our businesses and services.

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Awards and Recognitions

Our efforts towards the realization of a sustainable society have received several awards. We will continue to mitigate our negative impacts and enhance the positive effects of activities while reporting on our progress with transparency.