ESG Information

Rakuten strives to address the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) challenges facing society not only to support our business growth, but also because doing so is at the core of our corporate mission.
We share related information with transparency in a timely and appropriate manner to communicate our progress and illustrate how our commitment to the highest ethical standards translates into concrete actions.
In disclosing information, we refer to global reporting frameworks such as the GRI Standards issued by the Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB) and consider the expectations of investors and other stakeholders.


Rigorous governance is essential for enhancing corporate value. We make continuous efforts to build the foundations for responsible management structures and to earn the trust of society at large.

  • Corporate Governance

    In order to maximize corporate value, ensuring rigorous corporate governance is one of our highest management priorities.

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  • Compliance and Tax Strategy

    Not only do we comply with all relevant laws and regulations, we also conduct business with integrity and hold ourselves to high ethical standards.

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  • Risk Management

    As a company that operates a wide range of businesses globally, we have established a robust management system to address diversifying risks.

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Rakuten works hand in hand with our employees, local communities and other stakeholders to help create a sustainable future.

  • Employees

    We attract, develop and retain a diverse and talented workforce that support the realization of Rakuten’s business strategies.

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  • Diversity

    Diversity is one of Rakuten’s core strategies and a driving force for innovation. We are committed to creating work environments where employees with diverse backgrounds can demonstrate their full potential.

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  • Health and Wellness

    The safety and health of our employees is centered at the very foundation of our corporate activities. We strive to provide healthy and safe workplaces and raise awareness of mental and physical health.

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  • Human Rights

    Human rights are fundamental and universal rights for all people, regardless of their origin, background or any other status. Guided by the Rakuten Group Code of Ethics, we respect the human rights of all stakeholders.

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  • Social Initiatives

    Leveraging Rakuten's business assets and technologies, we aim to solve social issues together with our stakeholders.

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From the variety of products sold on Rakuten Ichiba to the travel destinations promoted on Rakuten Travel, Rakuten’s businesses depend largely on the richness of our natural environment.

  • Environment

    Recognizing climate change, resource management and biodiversity to be issues of critical importance, we are committed not only to reducing our adverse effects on the environment, but also to leveraging our technologies and innovation to create more environmentally friendly options for our customers.

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ESG Library

Download Rakuten's policies, data, and reports on sustainability.

Awards and Recognitions

Our efforts towards the realization of a sustainable society have received several awards. We will continue to mitigate our negative impacts and enhance the positive effects of activities while reporting on our progress with transparency.