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Utilize your expertise to evolve Rakuten’s services without being confined to the typical framework of “development.”


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Project Manager, Product Manager, Program Manager, etc.

Includes designing of Rakuten's various products and services, and managing the goals and teams for each project.
Advanced communication skills and the ability to involve people are required.

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Applications Engineer

Software Engineer, Mobile Engineer, UI/UX Engineer, etc.

Responsible for the planning, designing, developing, testing, debugging, and implementation of architecture and test applications for strengthening the business activities, operations and end products for Rakuten's various products and services.

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Infrastructure Engineer

DevOps Engineer, Infrastructure Architect, Database Engineer, etc.

Includes designing, developing, testing, debugging, and maintaining the infrastructure and data centers that support large-scale and diverse Rakuten's services.

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Security Engineer

Security Architect, Security Researcher, etc.

The security engineer’s mission is to lead the security of Rakuten Group. This involves promoting safe development processes and system operations, reporting risks, and responding to incidents related to security in cooperation with the developers of each service.

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Data Scientist

Research Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Science Engineer, Data Consultant, etc.

Includes utilizing the Rakuten Group’s various data to develop business solutions. Research Scientist positions at Rakuten Institute of Technology Tokyo (RIT) are also included.

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Privacy Governance

Information Security Analyst, Privacy Specialist, Data Governance Specialist, etc.

Includes the information security governance and the global security policies for the entire Rakuten Group.

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Technology Management

General Manager, Section Manager, Engineer Manager, etc.

Includes dveloping Rakuten's services by leading the development team consisting of various members. Communication skill s and leadership are required for smooth business execusion.

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Development Support

Quality Assurance, Technical Support, Planning, Other (Development Support), etc.

Includes structuring the activities of the development division as part of the back office or planning divisions.

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