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Our businesses and divisions operate across more than 70 Rakuten Group services.
Plan and execute business strategies and measures to improve user convenience and satisfaction with the aim of expanding the Rakuten Ecosystem.


Strategy Planning

Strategy Planning, Business Strategy, Business Planning, etc.

Includes business, administration, and strategy planning that helps promote the growth of the Rakuten Group’s businesses and services.

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Service Planner

Service Planner, etc.

Includes strategy planning, promotion, KPI design management, profit management, alliance promotion, etc. for new businesses and services amongst the Rakuten Group’s business divisions.

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Consulting Sales

Consulting Sales, Ad Sales, Media Sales, EC Consultant, etc.

Depends on the positions, but can include new business proposals as well as project proposals, planning of advertisements, and campaign planning/implementation.

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Marketing, PR, Marketing Strategy Planner, Researcher, etc.

Includes planning, execution, and verification of strategies in the marketing, branding, and PR domains of Rakuten Group businesses.

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Data Scientist

Data Scientist, Data Analyst, etc.

Includes preparing and operating marketing strategies that utilize big data from each section of the Rakuten Group, as well as data operations management and system development for the services.

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Specialized Financial Positions

Investment Management, Loan Screening, Financial Analysis, M&A, Actuaries, New Contract Assesment, etc.

In charge of specialized areas in the Rakuten Group's FinTech business. Please check the recruitment website.


Logistics, SCM, Logistics Planning, etc.

Includes operation planning/requirement definition/design/execution of new logistics services at Rakuten distribution centers, as well as proposals for improvements to existing logistics operations.

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Customer Support

Customer Support, Operation Planning, etc.

Includes customer support and service operation planning, construction, and operation management across each of the Rakuten Group businesses.

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