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Why Rakuten?

  • Diverse Company Culture

    Amanda / Creative & Web Design
    For Amanda, Rakuten is a place where she finds coexistence of both Japanese as well as international culture. As a foreign worker in a Japanese company, she feels that there is always opportunities for her to grow and learn new things.
  • Self Growth in Rakuten

    Toku / Rakuten Ichiba
    Toku's career in Rakuten has been one of the most perfect examples of success, with his outstanding performance as an E-commerce Consultant (ECC) ever since he joined as a new graduate employee. Here Toku shares moments of growth in his Rakuten journey.
  • Putting Your Heart Into It

    Hwi / Rakuten Ichiba
    A third-generation Japanese-Korean, Hwi was born in Kobe, Japan. The experience though, of an one-month home-stay in New Zealand during high school set his eyes on the world.
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