Rakuten has a uniquely open and dynamic corporate culture that fosters the exchange of diverse ideas. Our workforce is made up of talented employees and we are committed to hiring the best and brightest from around the world. We believe in respecting all of our stakeholders, creating a workplace where people and ideas can thrive, and ensuring diverse career development opportunities, all driving us toward a successful future.

Labor Practices

Our employees are our greatest asset. Coming from over 70 countries and regions, they represent numerous backgrounds and experiences, and are encouraged to share their ideas and viewpoints to create innovative, meaningful services for a diverse, global audience. We value and respect those differences and have established labor practices that make our work environment attractive for all.

Basic Approach

  • We respect the individuality and recognize the human dignity of each employee and strive to realize equal opportunities for all employees who work at the Company. We base decisions concerning employment, salary, allowances, promotion, termination, retirement, and resignation solely upon the abilities of each employee, and do not discriminate based on race, nationality, gender, marriage history, presence or absence of children, religious and political beliefs, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
  • We will never force labor through any means, including but not limited to confinement, restraint, slave labor, or coerced overtime work.
  • We prohibit child labor and do not employ children under 16 years of age as a general principle.
  • We recognize the human dignity of all employees that work at Rakuten and do not tolerate any form of sexual harassment or abuse between employees of the same or opposite gender, whether physical or verbal, or harassment or abuse that exploits work position, status, or employee classification, whether physical or verbal. In addition, we prohibit any harassment related to pregnancy, childbirth, taking childcare leave, or taking family-care leave.
  • We strive to reduce excessive working hours.
  • We promote local employment to empower the communities where we operate.

Promoting diversity

Diversity is one of Rakuten’s key corporate strategies. We seek to hire the brightest talent from around the world, those who possess unique and different perspectives to best serve our customers with innovative services worldwide. For more details, please visit our Diversity page.

Promoting diversity

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Reduction of excessive working hours

We are making various efforts to reduce excessive working hours. With business intelligence tools connected to our attendance system, employees and their managers are able to visualize their working hours in order to better understand past working hours and predict future trends, allowing them to plan their work accordingly and avoid excessive working hours. “No overtime days” have also been introduced in some departments.

Flexible work options

For employees who are unable to commute to their regular work place at the designated hours – for family-related reasons or injury for instance – but are still able to perform their duties, flexible work options are available: working time shift or reduction, and work from home.


We understand the importance of creating and maintaining an environment where human rights of all employees are respected and where job responsibilities can be carried out on the basis of mutual trust. We are committed to providing a respectful environment that is free of workplace harassment. There is zero tolerance for harassment of any kind, and we are working on the following measures to counter harassment:

  • Harassment Consultation Desk
    Rakuten established a confidential Harassment Consultation Desk to respond to reports of harassment and related complaints, and to ensure that behavior constituting harassment is dealt with appropriately. We prohibit any disadvantageous treatment for those who report harassment.
  • Training
    Training is held for executives, managers and employees to prevent and raise awareness of harassment and other issues.

Communication of labor standards

We distribute Rakuten Shugi (Rakuten Basic Principles) to all new employees, explaining the provision of equal opportunities. We also hold mandatory sessions for all Group employees in order to communicate our labor standards.


Each year we offer internship opportunities to university students so that students can experience the Rakuten corporate culture, learn operational skills and develop a business mindset. We offer various types of internships so that students can chose programs that suit their career plans.
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Prevention of child and forced labor

We confirm the age of each employee when forming an employment contract. In addition, we do not take or hold any travel documents or identity cards, unless required for visa issuance or renewal, and our personnel procedures ensure free access to relevant documents for our employees.

Employee Development

Rakuten is built on a philosophy of empowerment that offers everyone opportunities to make an impact. We believe in taking on new challenges and driving innovation. Therefore, we are committed to supporting all employees, not only in developing technical skills which are required for daily operations and creating new services, but also for developing business skills and personal ambitions to maximize each individual’s abilities throughout their career.


To maximize the abilities of all employees and to support their overall career growth, we provide various training courses, categorized into 3 programs: Level-Based, Business Skills, and “Englishnization.” These include training courses to enhance communication skills, English language skills, critical thinking skills, time management and leadership skills, among others.

Performance Review

We believe that strengthening communication within the workplace and creating a “Feedback Culture” will contribute to maximizing productivity and the performance of individuals and lead to our company’s success. Every six months we set goals, and review and conduct evaluations based on our competencies (demonstrated behavior) and performance.
We have adopted a 1-on-1 Meeting approach that encourages team members to meet regularly with their managers to discuss their concerns, review their performance, and receive feedback, which helps to build mutual trust and empowers employees to grow and develop as they identify what new actions to take.

Group-wide global talent development program

We are also working on global talent development with the goal of “enabling employees to work on a global scale.” One of the most notable projects is “Englishnization," which made English the official language of Rakuten. Since the launch of the program in 2010, the average TOEIC score of employees has climbed by more than 300 points to 838.2* points. In addition, we provide cross-cultural training programs to promote constructive understanding of cultural differences and, in turn, better facilitate communication among employees. These opportunities enable our employees to develop their careers on a global scale.

  • * As of the end of March 2018, for Rakuten Group, Inc. regular employees

MBA Support Program

To accelerate the development of future leaders, we also sponsor employees who meet certain criteria to enroll in MBA programs at prestigious schools in the United States, Europe and Asia, including Harvard University, the University of Cambridge and INSEAD.

Internal system to promote employee career development

As we have many businesses and positions available, employees can seek different career paths at Rakuten. We have implemented a self-assessment system where employees can plot next steps for their desired career path within the company, once every six months. Employee self-assessment is reviewed by Human Resources and interviews are carried out as required. In addition, to promote career development of employees, we have established an “Open Position” system. On our “Open Job Information” recruitment page available internally to employees, detailed job descriptions and desired skills for each position are disclosed so employees can not only apply, but also consider their career development while contemplating a specific position. Rakuten supports the career development of all employees so that they can reach their maximum potential.

Workplace Health and Safety

Creating a workplace that supports the daily life and wellbeing of every Rakuten employee is our goal. We are constantly exploring and evolving toward a new and better working environment. Through ensuring a safe and healthy working environment and maintaining infrastructure that improves productivity, we empower employees and make them feel at home in their working environment.

Basic Approach

Rakuten considers the health and safety of our employees and their families to be of the upmost importance. We strive to continuously provide a healthy and safe working environment by:

  • Creating plans to prevent health and safety problems for employees, including problems resulting from overtime work, primarily based on instructions, mandates, directions, and recommendations from the chief of the labor standards office and other related third parties
  • Investigating causes of workplace accidents and preventing their recurrence
  • Creating action plans for maintaining and promoting employee health, including mental health, through regulations and education.

Management System

Rakuten has established a Health Committee that supervises the promotion of health management activities in the company by assessing risks, creating action plans, and ensuring their implementation. The Committee generally meets once a month. In addition, a Chief Health Officer position was created in 2018 to supervise health and safety related matters across the Group.

Rakuten Corporate Wellness Statement

Rakuten Corporate Wellness Statement
Rakuten Corporate Wellness Statement

What wellness means at Rakuten

"Wellness" at Rakuten is defined as activities to improve and maintain employees' mental and physical health. Through working on the three main domains known as Rakuten Wellness Factors, we aim to further enhance well-being at the individual level, to promote well-being across the company, and to set a positive example as a leader in well-being for the entire society.
※In Rakuten, well-being is defined as a state of being fullfilled both mentally and physically in order to actively innovate and contribute to society.

Rakuten Wellness Factors

Rakuten Wellness Factors

Body, Mind, and Intake are the three Rakuten Wellness Factors to realize a healthy and thriving work environment for employees.

How we will realize our goal

How we will realize our goal

In addition to promoting individual wellness and internal initiatives, we aim to leverage the unique strengths of our services and our commitment to innovation to collaborate with government, educational institutions, hospitals and other stakeholders to both further enhance employee wellness and to contribute to the well-being of society at large.

Employee participation initiatives

A Working Environment Improvement Committee has been operating since 2010, composed of Rakuten Group employees. The Committee meets each month and joins the Health Committee and the Labor-management Committee to discuss various topics with management, including working conditions and the health and safety of employees.

Rakuten Mindfulness Network

Network activities are aimed at improving employee mental well-being through the concept of “mindfulness.” Practicing mindfulness has been scientifically proven to contribute to enhancing productivity and better communication. The network gathers for regular meditation, holds workshops, and hosts guest speakers. It also engages in collaborative research on mindfulness.

Supporting employee wellbeing

At Rakuten Crimson House, our goal is a workplace that supports the daily life and wellbeing of every Rakuten employee. Healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners are all offered for free at in-house cafeterias. In addition, a gym equipped with the latest training equipment is available for employees to refresh and relax. An in-house clinic is open as well for consultations on health concerns.

Electrically-operated height-adjustable desks have been installed throughout the office to support the wellbeing of employees and encourage workplace efficiency.

Two cafeterias provide breakfast, lunch and dinner free of charge in order to maintain the health of employees and promote internal communication.

A fitness gym and spa to relax and refresh. Employees can also receive treatments, including massage and acupuncture.

An in-house clinic for employees to consult doctors when they have health-related concerns.

For more details about our workplace, please visit here.

Employees Data

Average hours of training

54.9 hours

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received a regular performance
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  • Data as of December 31, 2020
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