FAQ (Mid Career Recruitment)

  • Application and Selection

    What kind of jobs/positions are you hiring for?
    Available positions are listed in the Mid Career Recruitment Opportunities section. Take a look here.
    Can I still apply even if I have no experience or come from a different industry?
    Yes, you may still apply. For those being hired for mid-career positions, we assume that you will be able to demonstrate a relevant skill set through your work experience and be able to play an active role immediately, but we are also hiring for positions which do not require prior experience, or are open to candidates coming from different industries.
    I worked for Rakuten in the past. Can I still apply?
    Yes, you may still apply. For more information, please refer to the Rehiring Opportunity page.
    What is the ratio of mid-career hires to new graduate hires?
    Please refer to the Employee Conditions.
    Do you hire people with disabilities?
    We are actively hiring people with disabilities. For more information, please refer to the Hiring People with Disabilities page.
    How long does the selection process take?
    The selection process can take anywhere from two to four weeks
    When are interviews usually scheduled?
    Usually, interviews take place during standard working hours, Monday through Friday. If you are unable to schedule an interview during these times, we can consult with you and adjust accordingly.
    I have applied to Rakuten in the past. Can I apply again?
    Yes, you may apply again, though in principle we ask that you refrain from applying for the same position as the last time you applied. However, if a significant amount of time has passed since your last application, and you have acquired new experience and skills, we may accept your application.
    Please tell me about the return of application documents (resumes, CVs, etc.) and the handling of personal information.
    Please note that we will not be able to return your resume, curriculum vitae, or any creative artwork (data or paper) submitted at the time of application. For details, please refer to Privacy Policy for Recruitment Activities page.
  • Employment Status

    What are the working conditions, such as salary, bonuses, and working hours?
    Please refer to the Application Guidelines.
    Specific working conditions for each individual will be listed in the offer letter after one’s application has been accepted and reviewed.
    Are job transfers possible?
    In addition to within the Tokyo headquarters, transferring to domestic and international branches is possible.
  • Systems

    Please tell me about employee benefits.
    Annual paid leave, various forms of social insurances (welfare pension insurance, health insurance, worker’s accident compensation insurance, unemployment insurance), bereavement leave, commuting allowance, retirement benefit system, etc.
    Regarding other benefits, please refer to the Employee Benefits page.
    Please tell me about training and education after joining the company.
    Those who join the company as mid-career hires will receive group training and On-the-Job Training (OJT) upon joining the company. We also provide other learning opportunities, such as grade-based training. We also provide various training and education programs to support English-language abilities, since it is the official language of our company.
    For more information, please refer to the Career Development page.
    Please tell me about employee evaluations.
    In our semi-annual personnel evaluations, we review the targets set for each half-year period and the extent to which those targets have been achieved. We review salaries and performance bonuses based on these evaluations.
    Can I request a transfer to a different business or position?
    Yes, you may request transfers. We use the Open Position system, which allows employees who meet certain conditions to apply for open positions within the company.
  • Workplace Environment

    What is the average age of employees?
    Early 30s.
    What is the ratio of male to female employees?
    The company’s employees are 60% male and 40% female.
    Do you offer a working environment in which all people can thrive?
    We have systems in place designed specifically to help women advance their careers. Regarding other benefits, please refer to the Employee Benefits page.
    Many of our employees return to work after taking childcare leave. In addition, we evaluate our employees based on their abilities and achievements regardless of age, gender, or nationality, including many women working actively as executive officers and managers.
    Is there much interaction among employees across departments?
    We hold special events including our year-end party, watching baseball games and social gatherings. In addition, we also sponsor various clubs (futsal, baseball, golf and more) where people of all ages, nationalities, genders and departments can interact.
    Does Rakuten have a dress code?
    It varies from department to department depending on the nature and style of work. Staff in departments and positions who frequently contact people outside the company wear more formal business attire, but in general, most staff work in business casual attire.
    I would like to know more about Rakuten’s corporate culture and foundational principles.
    We recommend that you read the following books.
    • ・Mickey Mikitani, Business-do: The Way to Successful Leadership, Wiley, 2018
    • ・Mickey Mikitani, 成功の法則92ヶ条 (Golden Rules of Success), Gentosha, 2012.
    • ・Mickey Mikitani, 成功のコンセプト (Principles for Success), Gentosha, 2009.
    I would like to know more about your approach to employee health care.
    Rakuten values the health and safety not only of our employees but also of all stakeholders who support Rakuten and promotes initiatives in accordance with “the Rakuten Health Declaration: Well-being First.”

    In 2022, Rakuten Group, Inc. was also recognized as “White 500” company, which is given to companies that have been proactively implementing good health and productivity management practices.
  • Benefits

    Please tell me about paid annual leave.
    Employees who have worked more than 80% of their working days are granted annual leave according to their number of years of employment. In the first year of employment, five days of paid vacation are granted after three months (including the trial period) of employment, after which, if you work continuously for another three months, you will be granted an additional five days. (A total of 10 days will be granted in the first year.)
    Please tell me about employee benefits.
    For more information, please refer to the Employee Benefits page.
  • For Holders of an MBA

    I am currently studying abroad. Can I apply prior to graduating?
    Yes, you may apply while you are still in school, proceed with the selection process, and then join us upon graduation or return to your home country.
    Can I be interviewed even if I am not returning to my home country?
    Yes, it is possible to conduct interviews online.
    Do you accept interns who are currently students?
    Yes, we accept technical (CS) interns from Japan and overseas.
    What is the typical career path after joining the company?
    We offer a variety of career paths based on your experience and preferences.
    Specific examples can be shared with you during the selection process.
    Can I request entry into a specific business or position?
    Yes, we accept specific requests. We will consider your suitability for a given position while taking into consideration your preferences.
    Is it possible to work overseas?
    Yes, working overseas is possible. Rakuten continues to proactively expand its business overseas.