Are there open positions that are not listed on the website?

Current hiring positions are listed under our career information site (link below).


Are applications accepted even if I have no prior experience and/or have worked in a different field?

Yes, applications are accepted. For most mid-career positions, there is an expectation for candidates who will be ready to take on the role from day one and are capable of exercising skills through experience. There are also positions that welcome potential hires from different fields.


What is the ratio between Mid-career and New-grads?


Are people with special needs recruited?

We are actively recruiting. For more information, please refer to the “Employment information for those with disabilities” page of Rakuten Socio Business, Inc.*
* Special subsidiary company


How long does the selection process take?

Generally, the selection process takes from 2 weeks to 1 month.
Our process includes a resume screening, followed by a coding test (for engineer positions), interviews and a meeting with HR before offers are made.


What time slots are available for interviews?

Generally, we arrange interviews on weekdays during office hours. If there are any difficulties to schedule due to the applicants' current job, we may also arrange interviews in the evening slot. We also conduct interviews both online and face to face.


Is there a different application route other than using the application form?

Please apply through our Rakuten's website. Please note, we do not accept documents sent via email or by post.


Are applicants allowed to re-apply if they have applied in the past?

Please refrain from re-applying for the same department or job-type. (However, there may be cases where this is acceptable if you are applying for a different department/job-type than your previous application, or if time has passed since you last applied and you have acquired new experience or skills.)


Are application to multiple positions allowed?

Yes. However, interviews are managed and arranged separately by respective divisions, so you will have to undergo multiple interviews.


Are application documents (resumes and career history manuscripts) returned? How will my personal information be handled?

Please note that any documents or work (data, paper documents, etc.) that you submit to us when applying cannot be returned.
Regarding how we handle personal information, please see our "Privacy policy relating to hiring activities" for more details.


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