Employee Referral Program


Do you know someone who works at Rakuten?

What is ERP?

Rakuten has an employee referral program that allows Rakuten employees to refer their acquaintances or friends for positions at the company. If you know someone at Rakuten, please contact them if you find a job opening that interests you. You can apply using this program.

Merit of ERP

We believe that finding out in advance about Rakuten's corporate culture, working style and projects will give you a better understanding of our company. Knowing what it's like to work at Rakuten will make it easier to acclimate to a new job, and enable you to make a smooth start.

Application Process

Find a job

Search for a job opening at Rakuten's career information site .

the Rakuten

Contact the Rakuten employee you know and send them the URL of the job opening you want to apply for. You can apply for up to three positions at one time.

*There may be other job openings that are similar to the one you want to apply for. Please be sure to send not only the name of the position, but also the URL.


The Rakuten employee will become your referrer and carry out the necessary application procedures.

*Digital versions of your CV and resume are required for the application process. Preparing these in advance will make the process smoother.

Set up
your personal

After the Rakuten employee completes their part of the application procedure, you will be sent an email from Rakuten. Follow the link and set up your personal page to complete your application.

*Please make sure to fill in your name correctly on your personal page.
*If you have previously applied for a position and have already created a personal page, you may not receive the aforementioned email. However, your application is complete.


The application process is the same as our standard mid-career recruitment process.


Additional information for applicants:
This program is limited to Rakuten Group, Inc.’s mid-career recruitment and full-time positions. (New graduate recruitment and internships are not eligible.)
You will not be eligible for this program if you have already made an application via a different route. (However, if previously-made in-process applications do not result in employment, you will become eligible for this program.)

Additional information for referrers (Rakuten employees):
Only full-time or contract employees of Rakuten Group, Inc. are eligible to serve as referrers. (Temporary or partner employees are not eligible.)
For process details and inquiries, please visit the internal portal site.

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