Information Security Initiatives

About Information Security

About Information Security

The Rakuten Group provides many different services, including online shopping and auction sites.

With the development of various technologies, there’s a risk that hackers may use online services for criminal activities or harassment.

Hackers steal important customer information through means like unauthorized access. They also attempt to deceive customers into divulging important information or money by means like luring them to malicious sites.

This section provides information on what our customers should watch for daily to avoid problems when they use our online services. It also provides information on what to do if they become a victim.

Avoiding Issues

Securing Rakuten services

Creating Safe and Secure Services

Creating Safe and Secure Services

To ensure that our customers can use our services safely and securely, we regularly take a variety of preventative measures regarding security.

Rakuten Group Initiatives

Safe and Secure Software Development Initiatives for Developers

Security Operations to Prevent Incidents