Human Rights


Human rights are fundamental and universal rights to all human beings regardless of their origin, background, or any other status. Guided by the Rakuten Group Code of Ethics, we respect human all our stakeholders throughout our operations, including group employees regardless of their employment status, customers, and business partners including: joint-ventures, contractors, suppliers of goods and services, investees and any third party that engages in a business relationship with the Rakuten Group.

As we provide a wide range of online and off-line services all over the world, Rakuten is fully aware that ensuring and respecting human rights of all stakeholders involved and those impacted by our business activities is challenging yet crucial.

Management Framework

Management Framework

The Rakuten Group Human Rights Policy was adopted as part of the Rakuten Group Regulations (RGR). It is managed like any other internal regulation, and all Group companies and employees are to ensure compliance. For more details on Rakuten’s compliance management structure and related programs, please visit our Compliance page.

Before its adoption, some of the issues listed in the Group Human Rights Policy were not addressed at a Group level, but only at a business or company level when relevant. The Rakuten Group is going through a comprehensive human rights assessment based on this policy and the first results of this assessment are to be disclosed in the second half of 2020.

Rights of Employees

Our employees are Rakuten’s greatest asset. Respecting their human rights and creating the best working conditions possible are essential to drive innovation and retain talent.
For details on our labor practices and efforts to promote diversity, please visit our Employees page and Diversity page.

Advancing Privacy Protection

The Rakuten Group provides a wide range of services ranging from e-commerce, digital content and communications to financial services. Ensuring the security of the personal information of our stakeholders through appropriate protection and management is indispensable for implementing our business activities and is one of our highest management priorities. To protect human rights related to privacy, the Rakuten Group is continually bolstering our information security efforts, which are considered as leading in the industry. We strive not only to maintain our own security, but also to enhance the security of the Internet society at large. For more details, please visit our Information Security page.

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