Rakuten Group Information

When was Rakuten established?
Rakuten was established on February 7, 1997. For details, please refer to the "Our History" section.
What kind of services does Rakuten offer?
The overview of Rakuten's business can be referred to in the "Our Businesses" section.
How can I find more information about Rakuten's subsidiaries?
Please refer to the "Our Businesses" section.
Where can I find the latest corporate report?
Please refer to the link "Corporate Reports" section.
Where can I find an overview of Rakuten Group?
Please refer to the link "Company Overview" section.

Financial Performance

Where can I find information about Rakuten’s financial performance?
For earnings releases and the annual report, please refer to the "IR Library ⁄ Events" section. For recent financial performance, please refer to the "Financial Performance" section.
When will you announce your quarterly financial results?
The fiscal year period of Rakuten starts from January 1, ending December 31. We announce quarterly earnings results, which are updated on our "IR Calendar" section.

Stock / Dividend Information

What is Rakuten's ticker code?
Rakuten's ticker code is "4755".
Please tell me about past stock splits.
Please refer to the link to the "Stock Information" section.
What is the minimum number of purchasable shares?
The minimum trading unit is 100 shares.
We carried out a 1:100 stock split which took effect on July 1, 2012 (Record date: June 30, 2012). In addition, at the same time, we adopted a new unit stock system, whereby the new unit is 100 shares. Please refer to "our February 20, 2012 press release on this matter (Japanese only)" .
What is Rakuten's Dividend Policy?
Please refer to the link to the "Dividends / Shareholder Return" section.

Shareholder Incentives

By when do I need to purchase Rakuten stocks to receive shareholder special benefit plans?
Every year, shareholders recorded in the list of shareholders as of end of December will be entitled to this benefit plan.
If you wish to receive the benefits, stock transaction is needed to be completed
at least three business days prior to the final of entitlement day, i.e. the end of December.
How many times a year do you offer shareholder special benefit plan?
We plan to offer benefits once a year
What and when do I receive the benefits?
Please refer to the Press Release. Click here
I have not received the notice of shareholders special benefit plan, what should I do?
The notice will be sent to you together with notice of the Annual General Shareholders' meeting. If you do not receive the notice, please contact shareholder registry administrator Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank. Please refer to "Stock Information" for contact information. If you do not receive the notice for benefit plans, please contact us from IR Inquiry Form on our HP.
My address has changed, please change the shipping address for the shareholders benefit plan.
Please contact shareholder registry administrator Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank.

Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market

When were you listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
Rakuten was listed on the former First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on December 3, 2013.
Due to the review of the market classifications of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Rakuten transitioned to the Prime Market on April 4, 2022.
Do shareholders need to take any measures in relation to this transition to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
There are no procedures for our shareholders
Will Rakuten's ticker code change?
No, Rakuten's ticker code will remain 4755


What is Sponsored Level I ADR?
Sponsored Level I ADR(American Depository Receipt) is a program issued by a depositary bank after clarifying rights and obligations of Issuer, depository bank, and investors. Issuer forms contractual relationship with single depositary bank. Sponsored Level I ADR can only be traded on the OTC market and not listed on a US stock exchange.
Why are you establishing Sponsored Level I ADR program?
Rakuten has been actively conducting overseas IR activities, however, by establishing the program Rakuten aims to enhance our brand recognition and to broaden our investor base further more.
Will there be any dilution resulting from ADR issuance?
There will be no dilution. As we do not aim to be listed in the US or issue new shares for funding purposes at this time, issued number of shares will remain the same.
How do I purchase ADR?
Please contact trading securities company for details.


How do I contact Rakuten Investor Relations?
Please submit IR related inquiries filling in necessary information through the following link "Contact Us."