Rakuten Social Accelerator

With the Rakuten Social Accelerator, organizations tackling social issues see their innovative ideas taken to the next stage thanks to the possibilities of IT technologies and Rakuten’s expertise.

About Rakuten Social Accelerator

The Rakuten Social Accelerator is a collaboration program that brings together social entrepreneurs and Rakuten employees to tackle critical issues facing society today, using technologies.
Market analysis, online marketing, e-commerce… their partnership goes beyond simple advice-giving, but aims for concrete outputs, leveraging Rakuten’s business assets. Past editions of the Social Accelerator resulted for example in the launch of new services, in the verification test of new programs or in the improvements of business KPI.

Rakuten can support organizations at every stage of their growth, with unique knowledge and resources.

Know: use internet technologies to get a deeper understanding of your service users
Build: make your business scalable by developing it online
Communicate: share your service with a larger audience thanks to digital marketing
Solve: support the monetization of your ideas and your business sustainable
Manage: introduce a KPI management system and reach your targets rapidly
Protect: improve your system security as your business grows

Application Guidelines

Application requirements

Organization addressing social issues through their business activities (regardless of organization type, but applications from individuals not accepted).
Business or activities already launched, with records of service or program provided to customers/beneficiaries.
Able to visit Rakuten Crimson House (Tokyo) for the final presentation (Jun.), monthly meetings, progress report session and Demo Day (usually Dec. or Jan.).

Number of organizations

5 organizations

Program duration

Half a year from July to January

Method of

Constitution of project teams with selected organizations and Rakuten Group employees, cooperation towards project goals established together


At the beginning of the collaboration, 800,000JPY donation per organization (to be used for this program)

From your application to the Demo Day

Participants in 2019 took the following steps to join the program.

  • MAR 15 - APR 22: online application
  • APR 4: program orientation session (for organizations)
  • JUN 5: final selection
  • Jun 17 - Dec. 31: collaboration period
  • DEC: Demo Day 

2019 participants and topics

  • Antaa, Inc.: medical assistance
  • WELgee (NPO): refugees in Japan
  • atteme Co., Ltd.: high school graduates' employment
  • SALASUSU (NPO): emerging countries, women, ethics
  • MOKU-CHIN KIKAKU (NPO): local community revitalization, empty houses

2018 Participants

Rakuten Social Accelerator

Rakuten Social Accelerator

Total number of social


Rakuten Social Accelerator

Rakuten Social Accelerator

Total number of employees


Rakuten Social Accelerator

Rakuten Social Accelerator

Total number of hours volunteered


  • Data as of December 31, 2018
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