Rakuten Social Accelerator

With the same aspiration that took you from 0 to 1, to go from 1 to 100 together. Social entrepreneurs and Rakuten to accelerate social change.

Within the Rakuten Social Accelerator program, social entrepreneurs leverage on the knowledge that Rakuten has acquired with the philosophy to empower people and society through innovation.

About Rakuten Social Accelerator


Who we are

The Rakuten Social Accelerator is a half-year collaboration program that brings together social entrepreneurs and Rakuten employees to tackle issues faced by today's society, using technologies.


How we can support you

To know your customers, to build a solid project, to resolve issues for its expansion, to make your oganization stronger. With the specific knowledge and resources of an Internet service provider, we can help you grow.


We are waiting for you

Leveraging our technologies, we will support the entrepreneurs who take on the challenge to find fundamental solutions to social issues.
*Applications are closed. Thank you for your participations.

Program Mission

We believe in the power of technology.
Because for 20 years, we have used technologies to connect the world, to make it wider.

With technologies, people who are isolated become connected, everyday life gets richer. That is our vision.

With the same passion that took you from 0 to 1, we hope to go from 1 to 100 together.
Let's create a new world thanks to technologies.

Masatada Kobayashi, Rakuten, Chief People Officer (CPO), Group Managing Executive Officer

Collaboration outline

Application conditions Organization addressing social issues through their business activities (regardless of organization type, but applications from individuals not accepted).
Business or activities already launched, with records of service or program provided to customers/beneficiaries.
Able to visit Rakuten Crimson House (Tokyo) for the final presentation (Jun. 15, 2018), monthly meetings, progress report session (TBD) and Demo Day (Jan. 26, 2019, tentative).
Organization number 6 organizations
Program duration JUL 2, 2018 - JAN 31, 2019
Mode of collaboration Consitution of project teams with selected organizations and Rakuten Group employees,
cooperation towards project goals established together
Subvention At the beginning of the collaboration, 800,000JPY per organization (to be used for this program)

From your application to the Demo Day

Applications were closed on May 15. Thank you to all participants.

From MAR 15
Pre-entry closed.
Program explanation session
Explanation session over.
MAY 15
Application deadline
Applications closed. Thank you for your participations.
Early JUN
Application screening results
Application screening is over and results available here.
JUN 15
Final selection
Audition of finalists at Rakuten Crimson House.
JUN 29
Final selection results
Results are available here.
JUL 2 - DEC 28
Collaboration period
Constitution of teams with Rakuten employees and cooperation towards the project goals for half a year.
Monthly meetings at Rakuten Crimson House, and progress report sessions scheduled.
JAN 26, 2019 (tentative)
Demo Day
Presentation of the collaboration achievements to Rakuten employees and other participants.


This program is designed in collaboration with Social Venture Partners Tokyo.

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