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Inspiring communities and fulfilling dreams

At Rakuten, we believe that sports and entertainment have the power to
bring people together and unite the world by transcending language, cultural and regional barriers.

We walk together with our sports and entertainment partners to build
a better future for everyone, empowering individuals, businesses and societies
to realize their dreams.

Together with our partners, we are making progress today towards a more optimistic tomorrow.

Rakuten and the
Golden State Warriors

Rakuten is proud to be the first-ever jersey badge sponsor and Official Partner of the Innovative Golden State Warriors.

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Tohoku Rakuten
Golden Eagles

The Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles were formed in 2004, making them the first new professional baseball team in Japan in 50 years. Since then, the team has continued to grow with the support of fans in the Tohoku region and throughout Japan. In 2013, after their first league championship victory, the team went on to win the Japan Series for the first time in their history.

The Rakuten Eagles have also brought new innovations to Japanese professional baseball, including the first stadium featuring a Ferris wheel, the introduction of VR training systems and a complete cashless payment system within the stadium.

In April 2022, the team declared its goal to make its stadium the most sustainable in Japan. This commitment aligns with Rakuten's accelerated efforts to promote sustainability across the three key areas of environment, society and community.

As "The Baseball Entertainment Company," the Rakuten Eagles will continue to pursue new challenges to provide fans with thrilling and dream-inspiring experiences through baseball.



Rakuten's partnership with the Vissel Kobe professional soccer team is grounded in our belief that sport has the power to make life richer and more fulfilling. This power was borne out when Vissel Kobe became a symbol of recovery in the aftermath of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, which devastated Kobe and many surrounding areas in 1995. “One Team, One Family, One Dream - To become the No.1 Club in Asia”: The club slogan encapsulates a tradition of players, fans and the local community coming together to pursue a common dream.


Rakuten Monkeys

A top baseball team in Taiwan which has won the Chinese Professional Baseball League title seven times, including 3 consecutive years from 2017. In 2020, the team changed its name to Rakuten Monkeys and made a fresh start.

Through the partnership with the Rakuten Monkeys and collaboration with the Taiwan-based airline "Tiger Air", Rakuten is proud to play a part in contributing to the development of Taiwan and the city of Taoyuan.

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Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

At Rakuten, we believe that music and the arts have the power to bring joy to people and create a better society. Based on this belief, we have been supporting the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra since 2010. With the longest history of any orchestra in Japan, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra is distinguished not only for its active and varied schedule, embracing symphonic concerts, opera and ballet, but also its work in promoting cultural exchange through education and overseas tours. These qualities of tradition, excellence, teamwork and innovation are ones we admire and share at Rakuten.

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Rakuten GirlsAward

Rakuten GirlsAward is one of Japan’s largest fashion and music events. Held twice annually in spring and fall, the event aims to promote Japanese culture around the world. Rakuten has been the main sponsor since fall 2017. By creating synergy between the real-world event and various online services – for example, by allowing users to purchase clothes worn by the models – Rakuten plans to create an experience that anyone can enjoy.