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Rakuten Empowers you!

At Rakuten, we value the ability of all our employees,
each of whom possesses their own individuality,
values and talents, to work on their own terms.
We endeavor to provide an environment that
also allows women to pursue their jobs
with energy and radiance.

Key Statistics

Statistics Surrounding
Women Empowerment
at Rakuten

  • Ratio of female employees


  • Ratio of female employees in managerial positions


  • Ratio of childcare leave taken by female employees



    Ratio of childcare leave
    taken by male employees

  • Ratio of female employees who return to work after childcare leave


*As of December 2022
*1 Number of employees who took childcare leave from January to December in 2022/Number of employees who gave a birth during the same period.

For the sake of our employee’s physical
and mental well-being

We seek to provide a workplace that reflects the well-being of our employees by allowing them to feel physically and mentally healthy and secure so that they may perform at their highest potential.

We value the nurturing of an environment wherein our employees can leverage their abilities as they are, without having to encounter barriers due to their gender. We focus on women’s health issues and offer seminars that cover a variety of themes, as well as hold workshops that are beneficial in improving team communication. Employees can participate in any of these regardless of their gender.

Well Being
Well Being

Examples of Initiatives

Rakuten holds seminars on “preconception care” to address pre-pregnancy health management for women.

Rakuten holds seminars on sleeping habits, which are prone to be impacted by lifestyle changes. We cover methods for enhancing sleep quality and other skills that can be used to improve employee wellness.

  • Work Styles and Welfare at Rakuten

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  • Diversity at Rakuten

    We have established an environment in which our diverse employees can come together to realize our vision of continuing to be a “global innovation company.”

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