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Stay on top of the rapidly changing trends of the IT industry and support the foundation of the Rakuten Group and the more than 70 services the group operates.


HR / GA / PR

Human Resources, Labor, General Affairs, Public Relations, Corporate Communications, etc.

Includes providing support to departments such as Human Resources, Labor, General Affairs, Public Relations, and others, in order to achieve various business goals across the Rakuten Group.

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Legal / IP / Audit

Legal, Intellectual Property, Internal Audit, Corporate Governance, Public Policy, etc.

Includes corporate legal affairs, intellectual property, internal audit, corporate governance, etc. related to provision of services of the Rakuten Group, development and operation of systems.

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Finance / Accounting

Finance, Accounting, Tax, Budget Control, IR, Investment Strategy, etc.

Includes finance, accounting, budget control, etc. You can play an active role while applying multifaceted knowledge and experience to complex and challenging problems occurring on a global scale.

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