Community Engagement


Rakuten's Approach

Our online shopping mall, Rakuten Ichiba, launched with the goal of empowering anyone to open their own store online, regardless of scale, location, or computer skills. Since Rakuten's founding in 1997, we have trusted in the power of our community and placed a high value of importance on growing together with all our partners.

Today, Rakuten operates more than 70 different services in Japan and abroad, through which we aim to realize a society that empowers people around the world to pursue their dreams with joy.

We will continue to engage in dialogue with our diverse stakeholders to create value that has a tangible impact on society.

Basic policy

Based on our corporate mission of empowering people and society through innovation, Rakuten Group strives to tackle social challenges by leveraging our assets and working hand in hand with our stakeholders. We will pursue social initiatives that align with our corporate mission in focus areas defined through dialogue with stakeholders.

  1. We will pursue social initiatives that align with our corporate mission in focus areas defined through dialogue with stakeholders.
  2. We will strive to create value with social impact in collaboration with various stakeholders by leveraging our assets, including Rakuten services, technologies and employees.
  3. We will implement mechanisms to support and facilitate employee engagement in social initiatives.

Rakuten's Initiatives

We work together with a wide range of stakeholders to create value that has a positive impact on society, leveraging the Rakuten Group's assets such as Rakuten services and technologies, employees and corporate culture as represented by "Rakuten Shugi."

Focus areas

Co-creation through partnerships

We are working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and make a social impact by leveraging partnerships with diverse stakeholders to drive innovation.

Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement with JICA

In February 2021, Rakuten and JICA signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with the goal of finding solutions to challenges faced by developing countries through international collaboration and contributing to the achievement of SDGs. The agreement covers a range of initiatives, including talent development.

Leveraging the Rakuten Ecosystem

By leveraging Rakuten's technology and ecosystem with its 70+ services, we are striving to build a society in which anyone can freely engage in sustainability initiatives.

Rakuten Clutch Special Charity Fund

The Rakuten Clutch Special Charity Fund is an online donation system that allows users to make donations through the various methods offered by our payment services, including Rakuten Points. It was launched in response to requests from many people who wanted to support areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Since February 2022, the platform has been fundraising to send humanitarian aid to those affected by the war in Ukraine. Many users made heartfelt contributions, and the initiative raised over ¥1.3 billion.
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Rakuten Viber's Initiatives

Rakuten Viber is Rakuten's free, secure messaging and communications app. We have been leveraging the app's strengths as a communication platform to tackle social issues, while teaming up with various organizations. In partnership with the World Health Organization, Rakuten Viber shared information regarding COVID-19 and has also launched initiatives to provide education on women's health and mental well-being.

Driving impact through employee engagement

Rakuten employees are taking on a range of social challenges by leveraging their professional knowledge and skills, along with Rakuten's corporate culture embodied by "Rakuten Shugi."

Rakuten Social Accelerator

The Rakuten Social Accelerator program was launched in 2018. It matches Rakuten employees experienced in a variety of fields with a diverse set of stakeholders in order to generate positive social impact through collaboration.
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Dialogue for Change with Rakuten

Launched in 2022, the Dialogue for Change with Rakuten program is a collaboration with a diverse range of stakeholders to bring about social change and a positive impact on the future through the power of dialogue. By turning this dialogue into concrete action, we plan to promote a new vision for the future.
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Education and talent development

We are working to create new learning opportunities by leveraging Rakuten's strengths of innovation, entrepreneurship and diversity in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, including members of the next generation.

Fostering a new generation of local talent

Rakuten's Regional Empowerment business is collaborating with Rakuten Ichiba merchants to foster a new generation of talent in Japan's rural areas. In 2022, 316 students from 12 schools around Japan took part in education programs covering topics such as e-commerce and entrepreneurship.

Rakuten IT School NEXT

As representatives of the coming generation, high school students joined Rakuten employees and other local partners to contemplate the future of their regional communities and propose technology-driven ideas for execution towards the year 2030. The program was held until 2019.
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Mechanisms to Encourage Employee Engagement

Rakuten encourages employee participation in initiatives to tackle social challenges. These engagements are valuable opportunities to experience our mission of empowerment firsthand.

Volunteer Leave

Employees can take up to five days' special leave each year to participate in volunteering and other activities that serve the public interest. This program is being used for a range of activities, including supporting disaster recovery efforts, NPO initiatives and guest teaching at schools.

Social Empowerment Community

Rakuten has an internal community for employees with an interest in sustainability. This community aims to provide opportunities for employees to connect over discussions on sustainability through seminars, newsletters and other communication tools.

Sustainability Action Award

In 2022, Rakuten celebrated 25 years since its founding. The Sustainability Action Award was established to celebrate notable sustainability initiatives by employees. There were 60 submissions from Japan and abroad in 2022 and the Grand Prize was awarded to a project to develop a logistics system for carbon neutrality. Eight other projects were highlighted, including an employee's volunteer program known as the "Family Empowerment Network".