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Turn ideas into businesses. Drive Rakuten’s services with dynamic creativity.



UI Designer, Art Director, UX Designer, Web Designer, etc.

Includes defining the design direction based on the business strategy and Rakuten's brand strategy, and processes from carrying out the design work and actual production, to quality management.

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UX Designer, UX Researcher, Director (Web/App/Movie), etc.

Includes the continuous provision of better experiences for customers at Rakuten through user research (quantitative and qualitative), information design, prototype production and user interviews, etc.

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Director / Project Manager

Director (Web/App/Movie), Project Manager, UX Designer, etc.

Includes project planning, schedule management, quality control of contents, and operations. Smooth and speedy response is required for these positions.

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Producer / Product Manager

Producer (Web/App/Movie), Product Manager, etc.

Includes consistently carrying out processes from the formulation of strategies for each business and service, and KPI design, to actual launches.

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Front-end Developer / Front-end Engineer

Front-end Developer, Front-end Engineer, Markup Engineer, Web Designer, etc.

Includes processes ranging from marking up HTML and CSS on the front-ends of websites, to the execution of JavaScript that deals with movement and data.

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