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Driving Rakuten's services forward by employing creativity as a strategy.

The Rakuten Group organization comprises multiple companies operating service businesses, such as Rakuten Ichiba and Rakuten Travel, as well as the Group Headquarters that fulfils the head office functions to support these companies. Many creative talents play an active role in each of these groups.


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Creative jobs at the Group Headquarters

The Group Headquarters is not affiliated with a specific business or service, but offers services and solutions to enhance the overall organizational capability of Rakuten Group. Creative jobs at the Group Headquarters require a higher level of expertise, and include jobs in areas such as UX design and branding, research, front-end engineering, and project management.

Creative jobs at Rakuten companies

The business division that handles marketing, the development team, and the creative team make up a single unit, working closely with each other to resolve issues.

The main job of members on the creative team includes formulating strategy for the website of the business that they are in charge of, as well as producing and managing it. The results of the work they put into the projects that they are involved in are reflected in the services, and are visible in real-time.

In addition to project managers and web directors, whose main roles include formulating the strategy, defining requirements, and setting KPI’s, there is also a wide range of other jobs, from positions that require advanced technical skills such as UX design and project engineering, to positions that even those with less experience can also challenge themselves in, such as banner production and website updating.

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The skills and experience required depends on each business and service.
Search for new opportunities within Rakuten that match your background and experiences and the challenges and goals you aspire to.

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Director /
Project Manager

Producer /
Product Manager

Front-end Developer /
Front-end Engineer


* Positions include: UI Designer, Art Director, UX Designer, Web Designer, etc.

Job Description

Designers are in charge of defining the design direction based on the business strategy and Rakuten's brand strategy, and of processes from carrying out the design work and actual production, to quality management. In addition to providing user-friendly UI, they also take the lead in design and artistic direction to enhance Rakuten's brand power.
Proposing and recommending visual designs / UI production for computer and smartphone sites, as well as mobile apps / Verifying effectiveness, and proposing and recommending improvement measures, to enhance the design quality of existing materials / Creation and improvement of design manuals and guidelines, etc.

* Individuals can apply for multiple positions at Rakuten. (Up to 3 at the same time)


* Positions include: UX Designer, UX Researcher, Director (Web/App/Movie), etc..

Job Description

Those who hold UX jobs are responsible for the continuous provision of better experiences for customers at Rakuten. They collaborate with many diverse teams to identify, resolve, and verify issues from both the quantitative and qualitative perspectives in a consistent manner, without being constrained by existing methodologies.
User research (quantitative and qualitative research) / Information design / Prototype production / User interviews / Presentations to business and development teams / Spreading awareness of UCD processes within the organization, etc.

* Individuals can apply for multiple positions at Rakuten. (Up to 3 at the same time)

Director / Project Manager

* Positions include: Director(Web/App/Movie), Project Manager, UX Designer, etc.

Job Description

Directors and project managers are important roles that work to ensure that project planning, schedule management, quality control of contents, and operations are carried out efficiently and smoothly, so as to provide better services to customers. Rakuten launches many new projects in a short period of time, making this an extremely rewarding job.
Formulation of plans / Drawing up proposals / Wireframe design / Defining system requirements / Development management / Schedule progress management / Confirmation of man-hours / Quality control / Release work / Verification of effectiveness, etc.

* Individuals can apply for multiple positions at Rakuten. (Up to 3 at the same time)

Producer / Product Manager

* Positions include: Producer (Web/App/Movie), Product Manager, etc.

Job Description

Product managers are responsible for consistently carrying out processes from the formulation of strategies for each business and service, and KPI design, to actual launches. In addition to linking the business plan with development staff to facilitate smooth production, they also work to enhance customer satisfaction and maximize product value.
Site analysis / Competitor analysis / Creation of roadmaps / Strategy design / KPI design / Defining development requirements / Project organization, etc.

* Individuals can apply for multiple positions at Rakuten. (Up to 3 at the same time)

Front-end Developer / Front-end Engineer

* Positions include: Front-end Developer, Front-end Engineer, Markup Engineer, Web Designer, etc.

Job Description

Front-end developers and engineers are responsible for processes ranging from marking up HTML and CSS on the front-ends of websites, to the execution of JavaScript that deals with movement and data. They also engage in joint development using Git, as well as design and development of universal codes in line with the functional requirements and design.
Defining requirements / Webpage production including estimation of man-hours to design and coding / Collaboration with the system development departments / Recommending improvements based on data analysis, etc.

* Individuals can apply for multiple positions at Rakuten. (Up to 3 at the same time)

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