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Privacy Policy in Recruitment Activities

Rakuten Group (this term refers to the company set forth at the bottom of this page; hereinafter collectively referred to "the Group") will handle any and all personal information it obtains during the course of its recruitment activities, strictly in compliance with laws and regulations governing personal information.

Range of personal information

"Personal information", as in the context of this policy, refers to, regardless of the medium through which such information has been sent to the Group, the following types of data, which have been directly or indirectly obtained during the course of recruitment activities by the Group, and which enable the identification of any individual employment applicant.


  • Employment history and other items input in the entry sheet (applicant's name, age, sex, date of birth, telephone number, mail address, etc.)
  • Details of the communication made between the Group and the employment applicant for the purpose of recruitment activities.
  • Other data that can easily be collated with other data and thereby enable the identification of the employment applicant.

Purposes of use

The Group uses the employment applicant's personal information for the purposes of providing them with recruitment information; screening for recruitment; and confirming their job application records. If an employment applicant is employed by the Group, his/her personal data will be continuously used for employee management purposes.

Joint use of personal information

Companies belonging to the Group will jointly use the personal information of employment applicants for the purposes set forth above.

Safety control measure

The Group takes appropriate safety control measures for personal information about employment applicants it has gained in order to prevent the risk of unlawful accesses, loss, alteration and leaks of such information.

Disclosure, amendment and deletion of personal information

The Group accepts, within reasonable limits, an employment applicant's requests for disclosure, amendment and deletion of his/her own personal data. However, the Group is unable to accept any such requests concerning information related to the screening for employment, to avoid any possible consequence affecting the Group's proper and normal course of business operations. Any personal information of any employment applicants retained by the Group will, after the purposes of its use have been met, be either destroyed or deleted by adequate measures.

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