Hiring People with Disabilities


At Rakuten, we place diversity at the core of our corporate strategy and deeply value bringing employees together, to share their values and talents and continue creating innovative services.
With this in mind, we foster an environment where each employee can maximize their individuality and talent and grow autonomously, regardless of whether they have a disability or not.
(For more information on diversity within the Rakuten Group, including nationality, gender, Hiring People with Disabilities, religion and age, please refer to “Promoting Diversity”.)

Socio Business, Inc.

Special Subsidiary, Rakuten Socio Business, Inc.
(Recruiting Information)

Rakuten Socio Business, Inc., a special subsidiary of the Rakuten Group, Inc., brings together employees with various personalities, values and talents, respects diversity and encourages its talent to keep challenging themselves.
We aim to be a company that continues to create new values that go beyond the conventional framework of a special subsidiary by making sure we provide an environment where people can take on challenges regardless of their disabilities. In this environment, each individual can continue to take on challenges within range that makes sense for them, based on fair consideration of the characteristics of their disability.
People who want to experience their own growth. People who want to feel fulfilled in their work.
Work with us to create the future of the company!

About Rakuten Socio Business, Inc.
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