Rakuten IT School NEXT

- For Social Innovation -

Rakuten IT School NEXT is a program that aims to solve issues encountered by local communities, making use of Rakuten's services and technologies.

About Rakuten IT School NEXT


To solve local issues

Holding the future of their communities in their hands, high school students identify and address local problems in their own way.


Leveraging Rakuten's technologies

The purpose is to draft solutions to local issues making use of Rakuten's services and technologies.


Diverse collaborators

From the diverse backgrounds of Rakuten employees and the collaboration with local partners will emerge innovative ideas.

Schools and Topics

Iwate Prefectural Mizusawa Commercial High School: Creating a better environment for raising children
Fukushima Prefectural Futaba Future School: Revitalizing Futaba District
Gifu Prefectural Hida Kamioka High School: Promoting the appeal of depopulated regions
Shizuoka Prefectural Fugakukan High School: Creating the "Fujinomiya" Brand
Aichi Prefectural Nanyo Senior High School: Fair Trade Town Nagoya
Wakayama Prefectural Wakayama Commercial High School: The Nankai Trough Earthquake
Hiroshima Prefectural Onomichi Commercial High School: Inbound tourism
Hiroshima Prefectural Yuki High School: Abandoned agricultural land
Kochi Prefectural Susaki High School: The aging population and local communities
Kumamoto Prefectural Kumamoto Commercial High School: Recovering from the Kumamoto Earthquake


AUG 3-5
Rakuten employees take on the role of facilitators to help students interview people from their local community on the issues they face, and come up with solution ideas.
Workshop page
Students refine the ideas that emerged from the workshop, based on the advice received from Rakuten employees.
School Presentations
In each high school, students share their experience and decide which team will represent them during the final presentation day in Tokyo.
Final Presentations
All representative teams gather in Tokyo for one day to present the results of their work and learn from other students who took on the challenge to tackle local issues across Japan.

Past Activities

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