Our Brand Story

Our Brand Evolution

In Japanese, Rakuten stands for “optimism.” This philosophy lies
at the core of our brand.
When Hiroshi “Mickey” Mikitani started Rakuten Ichiba in 1997, no one believed that people would shop online. But Mickey and his five colleagues believed differently. We have since grown to offer services across finance, sports and entertainment and more. We’ve partnered with businesses around the world that share the same values as us. Now, we’re bringing these diverse elements together in one ecosystem, united under the Rakuten umbrella.

Our Values


We’ve always been committed to empowering people and society. Our Rakuten Ichiba marketplace and wider ecosystem open up opportunities and give individuals, communities and businesses a way to realize their dreams.

Photo: Rakuten empowers local merchants by supporting them to expand their business online.


For us, entrepreneurship is a mindset. It’s believing in your own potential to create a better future. It’s about taking on new challenges, setting ambitious goals and using knowledge, creativity and passion to achieve them as a team.


We believe in innovation as a driver of global change. We evolve and innovate without fear of failure. We’re not afraid to experiment and go beyond traditional boundaries – that’s how we started, and how we mean to go on.​


Our ecosystem unites a global community and brings real change to the people and businesses it touches. We open our doors to partner with industry, academic institutions and government, in pursuit of a better future.

The future of Rakuten

See how we’re bringing our diverse businesses together in
one ecosystem, and uniting them under one brand.