Crimson House

An open workplace where people and ideas thrive.
Change WORK x LIFE and change the world.

Rakuten Crimson House is an open workplace where people and ideas thrive.
It’s an environment true to the work philosophy we’ve held
since the very beginning of Rakuten.

“Let’s talk about it now” ?
Desks without dividers, open meeting spaces dotted across every floor,
a video conference system that lets us talk to colleagues around the world
as if we’re in the same room ? all empowering spontaneous collaboration.
This is our vision of the cutting-edge work environment come to life.

Rakuten Crimson House also enriches the daily lives of employees.
A healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner; all offered for free at the cafeteria.
A gym filled with the latest equipment to refresh and relax.
A daycare center with a curriculum ranging from
diversity education to science experiments.
A clinic open for consultation on health concerns.

Our goal is a workplace that supports the daily life and wellbeing of
every Rakuten employee.

We are constantly exploring and evolving towards a new and better working style.
Rakuten Crimson House.
Change WORK x LIFE. Change the world.

Welcome to Rakuten Crimson HouseLocated in Futako-Tamagawa in Tokyo, which combines both nature and urban life.

Main entrance area

A spacious and open entrance lobby with room for spontaneous meetings.

Rakuten Crimson House features a unique design combining both simplicity and comfort, developed through discussions between Rakuten Creative Director Kashiwa Sato and our CEO Mikitani.

Welcome lounge

The lounge, which leads to the guest meeting rooms, is decorated in calming, wood-themed design.

Guest meeting rooms featuring furnishing from Rakuten Ichiba

Each guest meeting room features furniture from merchants on Rakuten Ichiba, giving each room a unique atmosphere.

Rakuten University

Rakuten University provides a wide variety of both online and classroom-based e-commerce courses for Rakuten Ichiba merchants.

Rakuten Crimson Club

An exclusive venue for guest entertainment, offering a selection of premium cuisine.

An open workplace designWalls with whiteboards and numerous open meeting spaces are dotted around the floors

Promoting spontaneous communication

An open working environment and desks without dividers promote spontaneous communication between employees.

Electrically-operated height-adjustable desks have been installed throughout the office to support the wellbeing of employees and workplace efficiency.

An expanded video conferencing system

Rakuten has realized its vision of a working environment that allows employees around the world to share ideas as if they are under the same roof, regardless of the time or place, through an advanced video conference system.

ASAKAI Theatre

The venue for the Rakuten ASAKAI, a group-wide employee meeting held weekly since the founding of the company. Here, over 50 locations around the world connect via an advanced video conference system. 

Spacious and bright cafeteriasA place to relax for employees, offering spectacular views of the surrounding area with cafes as well

"Eating from the same cooking pot"

The two cafeterias provide breakfast, lunch and dinner free of charge in order to maintain the health of employees and promote internal communication. 

Rakuten Crimson Store

An on-site convenience store offering a wide range of products and delicious, handmade bread baked in-store.

"Rakuten Golden Kids" supporting working parents

An on-site day-care center for the children of employees. The day-care center offers a unique curriculum for children incorporating English language education, science activities and outdoor play.

Rakuten Fitness Club & Spa

A fitness gym and spa to relax and refresh. Employees can also receive treatments including massage and acupuncture.


Rakuten Crimson House(Head Office)

Zip Code: 158-0094
1-14-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-50-5581-6910

Rakuten Crimson House Annex

Zip Code: 158-0094
1-14-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


Approximately 4 minutes on foot from Futako Tamagawa Station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line and Tokyu Oimachi Line