Rehiring Opportunity


A message for those considering
a return to Rakuten

Thinking about working with us again?
We are always looking for people who want to re-start their Rakuten careers.

Since 2017, Rakuten has been fine-tuning its approach to human resources with what we call the “Back to Basics Project,” to help each and every member of our diverse workforce reach their full potential. We strive to be a company that provides a rewarding and flexible work environment, where people are evaluated fairly and can develop their careers over the medium to long term.
(For more information, please visit the Back to Basics Project page)

Whether you left Rakuten due to family circumstances, or to pursue new employment or educational opportunities, we welcome you to re-apply with Rakuten and put the knowledge, experience and skills you’ve gained to use. We await your application.
(Applicants who have previously worked with Rakuten will go through the standard screening process, and employment is not guaranteed.)

Shinji Kuroda, Executive Officer, Director of Group Human Resources Supervisory Department

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