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Why Rakuten?

  • Career Path Examples

    It may be a cliché that in Asian countries you work long hours. I’m certainly working long hours here in Tokyo, but I’m not being pushed into doing it – it’s by my choice, and I am really enjoying my work. I can honestly describe what I am doing as “fun.”
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  • Make a Difference

    I like to make people happy, and Rakuten has given me the chance to do so. I joined Rakuten some six years ago to head a company that had just been bought by Rakuten.
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  • Big Challenges

    I joined Rakuten straight after my graduation from the Harvard MBA class of 2012. I’d done an internship with another Internet company, but I wanted to join Rakuten, as I’d heard good things about it.
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  • International Opportunities

    I joined Rakuten only about six months ago, but I had been working for a similar sort of business to Rakuten Travel here in Tokyo, managing the Asia-Pacific business. I was attracted to working here because I am a great fan of CEO Hiroshi Mikitani.
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  • Hot Business

    When I first arrived at Rakuten, I had an initial period of learning about all the different businesses – both domestic and overseas – in the Rakuten group. I then moved into Ichiba, as part of the ECC, that is the e-commerce consulting, group.
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  • What We Look for

    What We Look for
    Do you have what it takes to be a Rakuten member? We are looking for ambitious, global minded, and goal-driven professionals who thrive in a team environment.
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  • Job Description

    Job Description
    Rakuten is growing fast, and we need leaders who are capable of taking complex problems, breaking them down, and solving them. Whilst there are no absolute rules as to who can be successful in our company, learn more about opportunities to become successful individual in Rakuten.
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  • University Recruiting

    University Recruiting
    Rakuten actively recruits qualified applicants at a number of top business schools around the world.
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