Employee Benefits


Rakuten aims to provide benefits that offer financial support,
as well as a wide range of services to support the health and well-being of our employees.

The cafeteria provides three healthy meals a day, free of charge.
We also have a fitness gym equipped with the latest exercise equipment so that employees can work out and refresh themselves, as well as an in-house daycare center to help employees balance work and childcare.
We also hold events and activities to encourage communication among employees.

To the potential of each employee and support their career and personal growth, we provide a variety of facilities that enrich the health and livelihoods of our employees.

Flexible work styles for different situations

Flextime (R-Flex)

Flextime allows employees to decide when to start and finish their work days as long as the total number of hours worked satisfy the minimum monthly amount.
This system is geared toward improving productivity by allowing work hours to be efficiently allocated according to business needs.
* Please see the employee conditions for core hours and working hours.

Staggered Working Hours (R-Timeshift)

Employees who are not eligible for the flextime system are allowed to start work two hours before or finish work two hours after their regularly scheduled times regardless of the reason.

Work from Home (R-Satellite)

Working from home due to pregnancy, childcare, caregiving, injury, or illness is permitted.

COVID-19-Appropriate Work Style

We allow flextime and staggered working hours while ensuring the safety of our employees.
Depending on the situation, remote work may be encouraged for all employees.


Support for balancing work with childcare/caregiving

The return to work rate after Rakuten employees take maternity and childcare leave is at 99% (as of 2020). To support employees in balancing work and childcare, we have set up an in-house daycare center and a nursing room, contracted babysitters specialized in caring for sick children, and often hold Open Family Days wherein employees invite their family to the office.

In addition, to support and better foster opportunities for women, we are helping to build a network among working parents by holding various seminars (seminars before maternity leave and before returning to work) and distributing newsletters for employees currently on childcare leave.

Support Systems for Childbirth, Childcare, and Caregiving

Marriage leave, outpatient leave during pregnancy, maternity leave, shared parental leave, childcare leave, childcare sick leave, reduced working hours for pregnancy/childcare/caregiving, staggered work hours, flextime, exemption from overtime/holidays/late-night work, working from home, maternity gift money, the childbirth and childcare lump-sum grant, in-house nursery, nursing room, babysitting service, contracting for housekeeping services, seminars for maternity leave, etc.

In-house Daycare Center (Rakuten Golden Kids)

Our in-house daycare center provides a unique and enriching program that incorporates English language education, science activities and outdoor play for young children.

Mother’s Room (Nursing Room)


In our offices equipped with a cafeteria, we provide three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), free of charge. All the main menu options change daily and there are always different options to choose from. The menu’s variety offers something for everyone, from those who want a hearty meal to those looking for healthier options. Vegetarian and halal dishes are also available.
*For smaller offices that do not have a cafeteria, catered meals and vouchers are available for meal subsidies.

Stock Options and Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Rakuten has two stock-related programs: the Stock Option Program and the Employee Stock Ownership Plan. The Stock Option Program is a compensation program that grants employees the right to purchase 100 shares of Rakuten stock for 1 yen. The program is based on performance and evaluations and may be granted up to twice a year. The Employee Stock Ownership Plan is a system in which employees select the amount of money to be deducted from their salaries to accumulate Rakuten shares on a regular basis. It can be used as a medium to long-term asset saving plan.

Rakuten’s Official Clubs (Club Activities)

Rakuten has about 50 different clubs, which employees can join and participate in freely, regardless of their position or employment status. The company partially subsidizes these activities to support and promote communication among employees.

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Rakuten Crimson House Service Facilities

Rakuten Crimson House offers a full range of welfare facilities. You can enjoy various professional services, such as the hair salon, nail salon, fitness gym, acupuncture and massages, cleaning services, and shoe shining and repair for reasonable prices. At Rakuten, we go the extra mile to provide our employees with the benefits they need to thrive in their work.

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Office Introduction page

Employee Dormitory

The dormitory has a dining lounge where you can relax and enjoy your meals, a spacious kitchen and laundry machines that can be used by multiple people at a time, and a communication space with a projector and whiteboard that can be used to hold conferences. You will be able to spend your days studying with your colleagues while living together.
*There are certain conditions for admission to the dormitory.

Other Benefits

We provide various types of social insurance (employee pension insurance, health insurance, worker’s accident compensation insurance, unemployment insurance), annual paid leave, bereavement leave, commuting allowance, retirement benefit system, welfare services (Relo Club), health counseling services, relocation support (visa support, moving), employee discounts (moving, language classes, etc.), and more, all to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment for our employees.