April 27, 2022

Rakuten Launches the “Go Green Together” Project, Encouraging Environmental Consciousness Toward a Greener Future

- A new, dedicated website offers tips for green living and shopping options, featuring a variety of campaigns with which Rakuten Points can be earned.

Tokyo, April 27, 2022 - Rakuten Group, Inc. has launched the “Go Green Together” Project, which encourages an increased focus on environmental consciousness and building toward a greener future. To mark the 25th anniversary of Rakuten’s founding, the project aims to help shape a society in which people can live with peace of mind regarding the world to be inherited by future generations. The project launched on April 22 in recognition of Earth Day, with the unveiling of a special, dedicated website.

In order to help shape a greener future, Rakuten considers it important to bring circular economy-based businesses into the mainstream, while encouraging consumers to make environmentally friendly shopping decisions. The Rakuten Group is actively pursuing its goal of 100% renewable energy usage across the entire Group by 2023, and supporting the realization of a green society by providing consumers with environmentally friendly living and shopping options through its services.

With the Go Green Together Project, Rakuten aims to communicate with users via services and points of contact they are already familiar with, in order to create opportunities for conversation about environmental issues and sustainable consumption. The long-term goal is to help shape a sustainable society that is environmentally, socially and economically conscious.

In addition to actionable advice for environmentally conscious living, the new website also offers a variety of campaigns and content to enjoy, including an interactive quiz that tests users’ environmental knowledge and offers green shopping tips, with Rakuten Points awarded for participating.

Through initiatives like the Go Green Together Project and its dedicated website, Rakuten will continue to create content that supports the realization of a greener future.

About the Green Whiz AR Filter

・Overview: Available worldwide, the Green Whiz AR Filter is an original five-question quiz designed to spark conversation about environmetal issues. Think you are a whiz when it comes to green trivia? Try this fun Green Whiz AR Filter and find out how much you know about the environment!
・Campaign timeline: Available as of April 27
・Campaign content: Access the AR filter on Instagram or Facebook
・How to participate:

Step 1 – Scan the QR code above or click the URL below on your mobile device.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ar/1090970611762642/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/tryit/1090970611762642/
*Please install/update to latest version of the app. Must be logged in to your account to use filter.
Step 2 – Hold the circle button (record button) to start the quiz.
*Please ensure you are using your front camera.
Step 3 – Tilt your head to the left or right to answer the questions.
Step 4 – After completing all five questions, upload your AR results and share them with your friends using the #GoGreenTogether hashtag. Remember to tag @RakutenGroup!
・Website URL: https://global.rakuten.com/corp/event/gogreen

About the Green Together Campaign

・Overview: Available for residents of Japan, the Green Together campaign is designed to connect individual user’s contributions to solving climate change issues, in conjunction with Earth Mall with Rakuten, a service that gives consumers the opportunity to purchase products that support more sustainable lifestyles while learning more about sustainability through the certifications and labels those products bear.
*Campaign content available only in Japanese.
・Campaign timeline: April 22 to June 30, 2022
・Campaign content: One million Rakuten Points to be split among participants.
・How to participate:
Step 1 – Access the campaign website, and answer three easy questions about green shopping.
Step 2 – Apply for a share of the one million points.
・Website URL: https://event.rakuten.co.jp/earthmall/cpn/greentogether/ (*Japanese website)

About the “Naruhodo Green Quiz”

・Overview: Available for residents of Japan, the “Naruhodo Green Quiz” is an original quiz with an environmental theme, intended to help people learn what they can do on a daily basis to help shape a greener future, with tips on everything from dining out to leisure travel. By taking the quiz, users can earn Rakuten Points and other fun surprises. The quiz is a fun way to learn practical tips for a greener future.
* Naruhodo Green Quiz available only in Japanese.
・Campaign timeline: April 22 to June 30, 2022
・Campaign content: Environment-themed quiz
・How to participate:
Step 1 – Visit the quiz page on the Go Green Together website, and log in using your Rakuten ID.
Step 2 – Take the quiz.
・URL: https://minijob.rakuten.co.jp/special/naruhodo-green-quiz/ (*Japanese website)

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