February 16, 2017
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten Concludes Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement with Fukuyama City

- Promoting the city through the use of the internet -

Tokyo, February 16, 2017 - Rakuten, Inc. today announced that it has concluded a comprehensive collaboration agreement with Fukuyama City in Hiroshima Prefecture for the revitalization of the local economy of the city through the utilization of the internet.

Fukuyama City has a wide variety of tourist attractions, such as Fukuyama Castle, which will celebrate the 400th anniversary of its construction in 2022. Based on the agreement, Rakuten and Fukuyama City will make use of the various services provided by Rakuten and the resources of the city and collaborate on a variety of projects with the aim of further revitalization of the local economy.

The collaboration agreement will see Rakuten and Fukuyama City collaborate in seven areas, including the promotion of “Furusato Nozei” (Hometown Tax Payment), the promotion of mobile payments within the city, and the expansion of markets for products produced in Fukuyama through the use of the internet. As part of the collaboration agreement, Rakuten will also issue “Fukuyama Castle 400th Anniversary” (tentative title) Rakuten Edy original electronic money cards. Like standard Rakuten Edy cards, users can earn Rakuten Super Points when using the card, but in addition, part of the payment will be donated to Fukuyama City through the “Kigyo Furusato Nozei” (Corporate Hometown Tax payment) system.

The main areas of the collaboration agreement are as follows:
  1. Issuing of “Fukuyama Castle 400th Anniversary” (tentative title) Rakuten Edy original electronic money cards
  2. Promotion of “Furusato Nozei” (Hometown Tax Payment)
  3. Promotion of the use of mobile payments by businesses in the city
  4. Expansion of markets for Fukuyama City products both in Japan and globally
  5. Promotion of the use of IT by businesses in the city
  6. Promotion of the use of IT by collaborating with schools
  7. Promotion of tourism

With its philosophy of contributing to society by creating value through innovation and entrepreneurship, Rakuten has strived to support local businesses throughout Japan. Through this agreement, Rakuten will further bolster its collaboration with local governments and further contribute to the revitalization of local economies and the development of local communities around Japan

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