December 5, 2023
  • Rakuten Securities, Inc.

Rakuten Securities Surpasses 10 Million General Securities Customer Accounts, the Largest Number of Non-Consolidated Securities Accounts in Japan

- Launches official TikTok account and X hashtag campaign to commemorate the 10 million milestone.

Tokyo, December 5, 2023 - Rakuten Securities, Inc. today announced that its general securities accounts have surpassed the 10 million mark, the largest number*1 of non-consolidated securities accounts among Japanese securities companies (based on disclosed information), as of December 2023. To commemorate the 10 million account milestone, the company will launch an official TikTok account and hold a hashtag campaign on X (previously Twitter) starting December 5, 2023.

Since launching in 1999 as the first dedicated online brokerage service in Japan, Rakuten Securities has worked to continually expand and enhance its lineup of services with retail investors top of mind.

In addition to offering the fee-free Japanese stock trading service “Zero Course” and working to enhance the level of security its services provide, Rakuten Securities is committed to providing reliable and intuitive trading tools for stock trading and other related services via cutting-edge stock trading tools ranging from the iSPEED® series to MARKETSPEED II® that make trading possible on all platforms. In recent years, Rakuten Securities has also worked to develop services tailored to the needs of customers seeking to build their asset portfolio, from the time they make their first investments and throughout their asset-building journey, by expanding its lineup of services designed for long-term use. This includes initiatives such as Point Investment, which allows customers to use Rakuten Points to purchase investment trusts; giving customers the ability to make payments for investment trusts through Rakuten Card and Rakuten Cash; making Rakuten Card available for gold, platinum and silver reserve payments; and Saiken Marche, a service offering bond products from more than 200 companies to customers.

Rakuten Securities has also launched initiatives that enable customers to grow their assets at a reduced cost. From October 2023, the company began offering index funds (global and S&P 500) that can be managed at the lowest cost in the industry*2, and the Investment Trust Balance Point Program, which rewards customers with Rakuten Points for holding funds in investment trusts. As a result of these efforts, Rakuten Securities has successfully expanded its customer base to 10 million accounts, the largest number*1 of non-consolidated securities accounts among Japanese securities companies (based on disclosed information).

The achievement of surpassing 10 million accounts has been made possible by the invaluable support of Rakuten Securities’ customers. To commemorate the new milestone and further enhance communication with its diverse customer base, Rakuten Securities is launching an official TikTok account, adding to its existing social media accounts on YouTube, X (previously Twitter), LINE and Instagram. In addition, the company will hold various campaigns and events in commemoration of the milestone, including a hashtag campaign starting today with 50,000 yen gift certificates available to be won. For details on campaigns and events, please visit the official site: (*Japanese page)

Rakuten Securities aims to maximize customers’ financial well-being as the brokerage company of choice for all customers – ranging from investment newcomers to seasoned traders. The company will continue expanding its array of services to meet their diverse investment needs.

*1 Aggregated by Rakuten Securities from information publicly available on the website of each company, using accounts with balance (Nomura Securities, Daiwa Securities) and total number of accounts (SMBC Nikko Securities). As SBI Securities does not disclose the number of non-consolidated accounts, the number of accounts as of the end of March 2021 was used.
*2 Comparison of similar publicly offered additional stock investment trusts (excluding ETFs, Defined Contribution Plans, and discretionary investments). As of December 5, 2023. Source: Rakuten Securities research.

Explanation of fees, etc. and risk
When investing in a Rakuten Securities product, certain fees and charges may be associated. Customers may also bear losses due to the fluctuating market value of the product(s). Regarding fees, etc. and risk associated with investing in product(s), customers should carefully read the page detailing the fees, etc. and risk associated with investment on the Rakuten Securities website and the pre-contract documents in order to ensure full understanding.

Trade name: Rakuten Securities, Inc. ( Rakuten Securities website )
Financial Instruments Business Operator: Kanto Local Finance Bureau (FIBO) No. 195, commodity futures trader
Trade associations: Japan Securities Dealers Association, Financial Futures Association of Japan, Commodity Futures Association of Japan, Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association, Japan Investment Advisers Association

*The information above was originally prepared in Japanese. The English version of this press release is a translation of the original Japanese document and has been provided solely for the convenience of non-Japanese readers. Should any discrepancy between the English translation and the original Japanese version arise, please refer to the Japanese version.

About Rakuten Securities
Rakuten Securities, Inc. launched in March of 1999. In addition to providing innovative comprehensive financial brokerage services, including the trading platforms MARKETSPEED® and iSPEED®, Rakuten Securities consistently strives to lower investment hurdles for individual investors by leveraging aspects of the Rakuten Ecosystem, such as Point Investment, Rakuten Card and Rakuten Cash.

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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