November 24, 2023
  • Rakuten Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Rakuten Group, Inc.

Rakuten Life Insurance Launches "Rakuten Life Well Smile," a New Medical Insurance Plan That Encourages Customers to Enjoy Good Health

- Policyholders can earn Rakuten Points every month by linking a record of their physical activity with the health management app Rakuten Health Care.

Tokyo, November 24, 2023 – Rakuten Life Insurance Co., Ltd. announced today that they will launch "Rakuten Life Well Smile" (official name: Medical Insurance Based on Health Conditions (no surrender value)), a new medical insurance product that encourages healthy living, on November 25, 2023. This product is a medical insurance plan that allows the insured to receive refunds of premiums in the form of Rakuten Points or cash, with a maximum refund rate of up to 20% when they maintain good health, in addition to coverage for surgery, hospitalization and home medical care after being discharged due to illness or injury. This is the first medical insurance product in the industry to offer a refund in the form of Rakuten Points based on the insured’s health conditions. This product can be applied for both in-person via insurance agents and online starting November 25, 2023.

Interest in health maintenance and disease prevention is on the rise, and Rakuten Life Insurance has developed this product to encourage healthy living for customers by reflecting their personal health efforts in the benefits provided through insurance premiums. Up to 250 Rakuten Points will be awarded to insurance plan customers every month by linking records of their physical activity to the Rakuten Health Care app provided by Rakuten Group, Inc. Through this product, the two companies will aim to contribute to extending customers’ healthy life expectancy, improving their quality of life and optimizing medical costs.

The Rakuten Group provides more than 70 services related to daily life, spanning e-commerce, fintech, digital content and communications, both in Japan and overseas. By linking these diverse services through a common membership and loyalty program, Rakuten has created a unique and robust ecosystem. Rakuten Healthcare will promote users’ health awareness by leveraging various technologies and Rakuten’s broad portfolio of services.

As the expansion of Insurtech (a combination of IT and other technologies with insurance services) accelerates in the insurance industry, Rakuten Life Insurance is developing new services as the Rakuten Group insurance provider seeks to deliver well-being to both people and society. Rakuten Life Insurance will continue improving the level of convenience and service quality to customers by proactively utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

Features of Rakuten Life Well Smile
Rakuten Life Well Smile includes the following features to support customers’ health efforts, in addition to full medical coverage.

1. Refunds of up to 20% of annual premiums

The most distinctive feature of this product is the refund system (Health Condition Refund) via Rakuten Points*1, where up to 20% of premiums paid in a year are refunded according to the results of health checkups. Customers’ Well Smile Rank and refund rate are determined*2 based on their submitted results. Refunds can be received once a year.

*1: Applicants can also receive refunds in cash instead of Rakuten Points.
*2: Based on declarations made during the contract process, customers are classified as either Well Smile Rank 1 or 2. Well Smile Rank 1 is applied to customers who have undergone a medical examination or treatment for predetermined illnesses within the past two years, or who have had a medical examination, cancer screening, or physical examination that revealed abnormalities, and are no longer eligible for Health Condition Refunds. All other customers will receive Well Smile Rank 2 and be eligible for Health Condition Refunds.

2. Up to 250 Rakuten Points awarded every month by linking data with the Rakuten Health Care app

Rakuten Health Care is a free smartphone app that collects and manages records of physical activity, including the number of steps taken, distance traveled and heart rate. It also offers a lucky draw feature to win Rakuten Points based on physical activity records. Rakuten Health Care users can receive Rakuten Points by providing their physical activity records to Rakuten Life Insurance. Customers can select up to 12 physical activity record categories to link, including calories burned during exercise, heart rate, sleep duration, and the number of steps taken*3. Customers will be awarded up to 250 Rakuten Points each month depending on the record categories*4 linked to the app.

*3: Physical activity records that can be linked to the app may vary depending on the smartphone, wearable device, etc. in use.
*4: Rakuten Points awarded via data linkage is a service for Rakuten Life Insurance Well Smile policyholders and is not based on life insurance policies. The service for policyholders is subject to change or discontinuation without notice.

3. Full range of medical coverage with lump-sum payment

The hospitalization benefit, which is the main coverage of this product, covers up to 200,000 yen (hospitalization benefit amount) for each hospitalization of 1, 30, 60, 90, 120, or 150 days, up to a total of 100 times. Applicants will be fully prepared for both one-day hospitalization and long-term hospitalization.

In addition, the applicant can receive 20% of the hospitalization benefit amount per month as home medical care benefits up to a total of 60 times if the applicant continues to receive home medical care due to the illness or injury that caused the hospitalization.

4. Customers with Well Smile Rank 1 are eligible for the health refund system if they succeed in the Health Challenge

Customers that received Well Smile Rank 1 when contracting are not eligible for the health refund system. However, they can re-declare their health results during their second to fifth years after becoming policyholders to level up their Well Smile Rank. Those who met the predetermined criteria can apply for the Health Challenge system. If they succeed in the challenge, they can receive a health refund by submitting the results of their annual health checkup.

Insurance premiums for Well Smile Rank 1 are higher than those for Well Smile Rank 2 or higher since Rank 1 is designed for customers with pre-existing medical conditions or other health concerns, but once they succeed in the health challenge, the premiums for Well Smile Rank 2 or higher will be applied.

About Rakuten Health Care
Rakuten Health Care is a health management app for iOS and Android™ that aims to extend users' healthy life expectancy, improve their quality of life and optimize medical costs. The Physical Activity Record feature records physical activity data such as the number of steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned, as well as body measurements such as weight, body fat percentage and BMI. The Health Promotion Incentive feature allows users to collect data through various types of wearable devices. In the future, Rakuten aims to grow this service into a health care super-app that manage personal medical-related data with services such as online reservations for receiving prescription drugs and online medication guidance.

About Rakuten Life Well Smile

List of coverage

Types of benefits Summary of reasons for payment Payment amount, etc.
(Scope of services)
Limit of payment Insurance term
Hospitalization Benefit When the policyholder is hospitalized for illness or injury and the number of days of hospitalization for each reach 1, 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 days. Hospitalization benefit(100,000 yen・200,000 yen) Up to 100 times total
10 years*1
Home Medical Care Benefit When the policyholder is discharged from the hospital and receives home health care*2 for the illness or injury that caused the hospitalization. Monthly home medical care benefit (20% of hospitalization benefit) Once a month, up to 60 times total 10 years*1
Surgery Benefit When the policyholder undergoes surgery due to illness or injury.

Surgery undergone during hospitalization:
Hospitalization benefit amount

Outpatient surgery:
50% of the hospitalization benefit

Unlimited number of payments 10 years*1
Radiation Therapy Benefit When the policyholder receives radiotherapy due to illness or injury. Hospitalization benefit Once in 60 days, unlimited number of payments 10 years*1
Bone Marrow Donor Benefit When the policyholder undergoes bone marrow stem cell or peripheral blood stem cell collection surgery as a donor. Hospitalization benefit Unlimited number of payments 10 years*1
Premium Payment Exemption When the policyholder becomes disabled due to illness or injury as stipulated in the terms and conditions of the policy. Exempt from paying insurance premiums going forward  10 years*1

*1 The policy can be renewed (automatically) every 10 years up to a maximum of 100 years of age.
*2 "Home medical care" refers to when the insured person is unable to go to the hospital and a doctor or other health care provider visits the insured person's home regularly under planned medical management to provide medical treatment using a public medical insurance system.

Examples of insurance premiums: When the hospitalization benefit amount is 100,000 yen
(Well Smile Rank 2 or higher, 10 year-insurance term and premium payment term)

Contracted age Male Female
20 years old 1,830 yen 2,400 yen
30 years old 1,960 yen 3,010 yen
40 years old 2,490 yen 2,540 yen
50 years old 3,590 yen 3,030 yen
60 years old 5,290 yen 3,980 yen

*Premiums for Well Smile Rank 1 will differ from those shown above. Premiums for Well Smile Rank 1 are higher than those for Well Smile Rank 2 or higher, as it is designed for customers with pre-existing medical conditions or other health concerns.

Health data that can be linked with Rakuten Health Care

About Rakuten Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
Rakuten Life Insurance is a life insurance company of the Rakuten Insurance Group offering simple term and whole life insurance, medical and cancer insurance, comprehensive insurance for young adults, and group credit life insurance for home loans. The company provides a variety of proposal channels, including face-to-face agency and online channels. Rakuten Life Insurance is committed to providing well-being to people and society as a whole as a familiar and friendly life insurance company that delivers peace of mind and reliability, both of which are indispensable at any age, and as an advanced life insurance company that leverages the Rakuten Group's technological capabilities.
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This press release is intended to provide an overview of the product and is not intended for use in selling insurance. When applying for or contracting this product, please be sure to check the Terms and Conditions of Contract - Policy Conditions and other documents available on the Rakuten Life website: .

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