May 13, 2022
  • Rakuten Mobile, Inc.

Rakuten Mobile Announces New Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII Plan with Discounts on Rakuten Group Services

- Discounts on Rakuten Magazine, NBA Rakuten and other services; Campaign to offer up to 6x Rakuten Points for purchases on Rakuten Ichiba

Tokyo, May 13, 2022 - Rakuten Mobile, Inc. today announced the new Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII service plan which will continue to offer unlimited data for a monthly fee of 2,980 yen (3,278 yen inc. tax) and add new discounts on select Rakuten Group services. Applications for new contracts for the plan open on July 1, 2022. To coincide with the announcement of the plan, campaigns will be held offering 3,000 Rakuten Points and a maximum of up to 6x Rakuten Points for purchases on Rakuten Ichiba.

Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII: An evolution of Rakuten UN-LIMIT VI

As with Rakuten UN-LIMIT VI, Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII features a fee structure that flexibly adjusts with data use. For monthly data use of up to 3GB, the fee will be 980 yen (1,078 yen inc. tax), for 3GB to up to 20GB, the fee will be 1,980 yen (2,178 yen inc. tax) and for over 20GB, subscribers can use unlimited data*1 for 2,980 yen (3,278 yen inc. tax). Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII also offers a monthly allocation of 5GB of high-speed data in the domestic roaming partner network areas and 2GB of high-speed data in the overseas roaming partner network areas, and additional high-speed data can be purchased*2. Domestic calls made with the Rakuten Link communication app are free of charge*3.

Current subscribers of Rakuten UN-LIMIT VI*4 will be automatically switched to Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII on July 1, 2022. Until the end of October, for a maximum of four months, a campaign will offer essentially free monthly fees on a monthly basis to Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII subscribers who use 1GB or less of data per month*5, *6.

Great value on optional services and Rakuten Group services with Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII

For Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII subscribers, the unlimited 10-minute calls option service (1,100 yen inc. tax/month), which offers unlimited free calls of up to 10 minutes through the standard calling app on the smartphone, has been upgraded to offer unlimited 15-minute calls. New subscribers who sign up for Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII and existing subscribers of Rakuten UN-LIMIT VI who switch plans to Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII and apply for the option service for the first time can use the service for three months free of charge*7.

In addition, new subscribers who apply for Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII will be able to use select Rakuten Group services such as Rakuten Magazine and NBA Rakuten essentially free of charge for up to three months, in addition to receiving discounts and point rewards*8.

Rakuten Mail to launch with Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII

Rakuten Mail, a Rakuten Mobile domain email service available through Rakuten Link, will be launched for Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII subscribers on July 1, 2022. The email service offers 1GB of storage, can send and receive large attachments, and features security measures such as email filtering. As the email service is provided through Rakuten Link, subscribers will be able to manage their calls, messaging and email through a single app.

Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII new launch campaigns

From June 1, 2022, a campaign offering up to 6x Rakuten Points on purchases on Rakuten Ichiba will be launched, followed by a point present campaign offering 3,000 Rakuten Points for applications for Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII.

In the 6x Rakuten Points campaign, subscribers of Rakuten UN-LIMIT VI and Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII who enter the campaign will receive an additional 1x points for purchases on Rakuten Ichiba. Subscribers who are Diamond members can receive a further 1x Rakuten Points*9.

In the point present campaign, customers who subscribe to Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII for the first time will receive 3,000 Rakuten Points*10.

For more details about Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII, please see the service page: (Japanese only)


To continue to provide its subscribers with a highly convenient service, Rakuten Mobile will enhance its service plan with the introduction of Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII. The current Rakuten UN-LIMIT VI service plan features a fee structure that flexibly adjusts with data use and has proved popular with customers. Rakuten Mobile is also expanding network coverage and has achieved 97% population coverage for its 4G network*11. With the expansion of its coverage, data usage on the Rakuten network is increasing and now accounts for over 90% of the total data usage on the network*12.

Rakuten Mobile will continue to enrich its service offering in order to offer subscribers a mobile service to be enjoyed without concern about data usage and offer greater value by leveraging the Rakuten Ecosystem across its many services.

*1 Unlimited high-speed data when connected to Rakuten base stations. To provide a fair service, restrictions on transmission speed may be implemented. Please check the coverage area.

*2 From July 1, 2022, the price for additional high-speed data (domestic roaming partner area) will be changed from 500 yen (550 yen inc. tax) to 600 yen (660 yen inc. tax).

*3 Excludes certain numbers. When not using the Rakuten Link app, domestic calls will be charged at 20 yen/30 seconds.

*4 New applications for Rakuten UN-LIMIT VI will no longer be accepted from 11:59 p.m. on June 30, 2022.

*5 The following benefits will be applied from the first day of use of the plan:

July to August 2022: Free monthly fees (Plan fee is 1,078 yen, in addition to Universal Service fee of two yen and Call Relay Service fee of one yen).

September 2022: 1,081 Rakuten Point present (Plan fee is 1,078 yen, in addition to Universal Service fee of two yen and Call Relay Service fee of one yen).

October 2022: 1,080 Rakuten Point present (Plan fee is 1,078 yen, in addition to Universal Service fee of two yen). The points issued include limited time points that expire in six months. Points will be issued two months after the month that data use has been confirmed to be under 1GB.

*6 For subscribers using multiple lines, the discounts will be applied to the first line to use the plan. If data usage exceeds 1GB per month, fees will be charged in line with the plan.

*7 Subscribers who have used the Unlimited 10-minute calls option before are not eligible. Customers who apply for the option for the first time on or after May 13, 2022 will be switched to the Unlimited 15-minute calls service from July 1, 2022, and will receive three months free of fees.

*8 Some subscribers may be ineligible for certain discounts.

*9 The closing date of the campaign is undecided. The maximum number of Rakuten Points awarded is 1,000 points. By combining the campaign with SPU (Super Point Up program) benefits, subscribers can receive up to a maximum of 6x Rakuten Points for purchases on Rakuten Ichiba. (Standard 1x points for shopping on Rakuten Ichiba, 1x points for using Rakuten Mobile, 2x points for using Rakuten Card.)

*10 For subscribers switching from another carrier or from the Rakuten Mobile MVNO service (Docomo or au lines). Existing subscribers of Rakuten UN-LIMIT VI are not eligible. Conditions including the use of Rakuten Link apply.

*11 As of end of March 2022. Nighttime population coverage by outdoor base stations. Population coverage ratio is calculated based on the number of approximately 500m blocks used for national census which have 50% or more coverage. For the current service area, please check the service area map. In certain limited areas, as measures are still underway to close public service radio stations, only 5 MHz of bandwidth are available for the service. Once these closures are completed, 20 MHz of bandwidth will become available for service in these.

*12 As of April 25, 2022.

* The company names, product and service names in this press release are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

About Rakuten Mobile

Rakuten Mobile, Inc. is a Rakuten Group company responsible for mobile communications. As the fourth entrant to the mobile carrier business in Japan, Rakuten Mobile aims to redefine industry expectations and provide simple and easy-to-use mobile services through its innovative network technology. For more information, please visit:

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