July 1, 2021
  • Rakuten Ticket, Inc.

Rakuten Group Company “Ticket Star” Announces Name Change to “Rakuten Ticket”

Tokyo, July 1, 2021 - Rakuten Group, Inc. announced today that the corporate name of Ticket Star, Inc., a Rakuten Group company, has been changed to Rakuten Ticket, Inc.

Overview of name change
1.Company name: Rakuten Ticket, Inc.
2.Name change effective as of July 1, 2021

Reason for name change
The name was changed in order to strengthen synergies within the Rakuten Group. Additionally, Rakuten aims to further expand the functionality of ticket booking and sales website Rakuten Ticket through collaborations across the Group.

Company overview
Company name: Rakuten Ticket, Inc. (formerly Ticket Star, Inc.)
Date established: January 27, 2011
Representative Director: Masayasu Tsunekawa
Description of businesses:
・Planning and operation of online sales and resales of tickets for a wide variety of shows and events.
・Event ticketing management and event management.
・Planning, design and development of entertainment ticket sales and management systems.
・Research and consulting services for event organizers, new business proposals.
・New business planning, management and development of internet service projects.
・Business and operational strategy consulting services.

About Rakuten Ticket
Rakuten Ticket is a ticket reservation and sales website managed by Rakuten Ticket, Inc., a Rakuten Group company. The site offers reservation and general sales of tickets for various events, including sports, live performances, concerts and theater/stage performances. In addition to users being able to earn and use Rakuten Points, the Rakuten Group aims to contribute to the maximization of entertainment experiences by providing a range of original value-added services.

Official site: https://ticket.rakuten.co.jp/

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