June 4, 2021
  • Rakuten Group, Inc.
  • Rakuten Medical Japan K.K.

Rakuten and Rakuten Medical Announce Response to Workplace COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

- Rakuten employees and their families to be offered vaccinations free of charge, leveraging mass vaccination center operations expertise developed at Noevir Stadium Kobe; Free vaccinations for members of local communities also under consideration

Tokyo, June 4 2021 – Rakuten Group, Inc. and Rakuten Medical Japan K.K. today announced that in response to the Japanese government’s recently announced workplace vaccination initiative, it will begin to cooperate with a program to offer COVID-19 vaccinations to employees and their families who elect to receive the vaccine, targeted to rollout in stages from June 21. The program will aim to provide vaccinations in an efficient and safe manner, to prevent risk of infection, development of severe conditions or clusters and, ultimately, to contribute to the early achievement of herd immunity and resumption of economic activities.

Plans are in place to offer vaccination facilities first at the company’s headquarters, Rakuten Crimson House, in Futako-Tamagawa, Tokyo, followed by rollout in stages to Rakuten’s regional offices. Rakuten Group and Rakuten Medical Japan employees (including indirect hires) located in Japan and their families will be eligible for the program. Further, subject to conditions required by relevant regulatory bodies, Rakuten will also consider offering vaccinations free of charge to residents of the local communities around its offices in Japan.

To ensure that Japan’s elderly population is vaccinated by the end of July, the Japanese government has set a target of one million vaccinations per day, but vaccinating the elderly will not be enough to end the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rapid spread of new strains of the virus and severe symptoms being experienced by young people, COVID-19 is proving a threat to people of every generation. In order to reach as many people across the country in the shortest time possible, it is essential to expand the establishment of vaccinations centers. 

To support of the expansion of available vaccination facilities, Rakuten and Rakuten Medical Japan announced in May their collaboration with Kobe City and a number of medical institutions to establish and operate Japan’s first mass vaccination model supported by industry, academia and government, offering up to 5,000 vaccinations per day at Noevir Stadium Kobe. The operational expertise gained through this effort, including Japan’s first online pre-screening, will be applied in ongoing vaccination programs to ensure a safe and efficient rollout.

Vaccination program overview

・Start date: Targeting Monday, June 21, to be rolled out in stages.
・Location: Rakuten Crimson House, Futako-Tamagawa, Tokyo. Rollout to regional offices in stages also planned.
・Vaccine: Manufactured by Moderna, distributed by the government of Japan
・Eligible recipients: Rakuten Group company and Rakuten Medical Japan employees (indirect hires included) and their families. Local community residents also eligible, subject to relevant local conditions.
・Number of people: Approx. 60,000 (includes employees and family members)
・Possible vaccinations per day: 1,000 per day at launch, to be expanded in stages to 5,000 per day.
・Partner organizations: Related medical organizations.

In addition, as of June 1, 2021, employees of Rakuten and Rakuten Medical Japan who receive COVID-19 vaccinations, irrespective of the vaccination location, are eligible for special paid leave. For the day of the first vaccination, the employee is entitled to one day leave (day of vaccination). For the second vaccination, the employee is entitled to two days leave (day of vaccination and following day.) Special leave will also be available for employees who need to care for family members receiving vaccinations or experiencing adverse post-vaccination reactions.

Rakuten is committed to bringing its best possible efforts to contributing to ending the COVID-19 pandemic as soon as possible.

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