June 2, 2020
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten Launches Solutions to Support Offline/Online Hybrid Live Events by Combining Rakuten Ticket and Rakuten TV

- New system offers comprehensive one-stop support from ticket sales to live broadcasting. -

Tokyo, June 2, 2020 - Rakuten, Inc. today announced the launch of a new range of solutions for event organizers, artists and other content-based business operators designed to support hybrid live events held simultaneously offline and online. Launched today, the new solutions combine the strengths of Rakuten Ticket, a ticket reservation and sales website operated by Rakuten Group company TicketStar, Inc., and Rakuten TV, a video-on-demand service provided by Rakuten.

By using these solutions, business operators can receive comprehensive, one-stop support from Rakuten covering everything from online ticket sales to the live broadcasting of offline events in an integrated package. If, for example, an event organizer wishes to hold a large-scale livestreaming event online while limiting audience numbers offline, this system makes it possible to build audiences for both the real event and live broadcast efficiently and seamlessly by simultaneously selling tickets to both online and offline audiences. Users will be able to do everything from purchasing tickets to viewing the live broadcast using their Rakuten ID. Additionally, users can earn and use Rakuten Points when purchasing tickets.

The entertainment industry has experienced a dramatic shift due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since February of this year, Rakuten TV has managed the live broadcast of various events, such as Stage [Yowamushi Pedal] the new period FINAL: POWER OF BIKE, Summers Live 12 and events starring popular voice actors and actresses. As a result of this shift in the entertainment industry, Rakuten felt a significant demand for a system that combined the services offered by Rakuten TV with the ticket sales of Rakuten Ticket, leading the company to provide these solutions.

As part of these solutions, Rakuten will also support ticket sale promotions for event organizers and artists by leveraging consumer behavior analysis data based on its customer base of more than 100 million*1 Rakuten members in Japan. By providing the Rakuten Group’s services and experience in combination with these solutions, the company aims to diversify the revenue streams available to event organizers and artists. Going forward, Rakuten plans to provide comprehensive one-stop support for even more complex methods of content delivery, such as music streaming and merchandise sales, by coordinating with the various entertainment services provided by Rakuten.

In addition to providing new entertainment experiences for users, Rakuten will continue to work to solve the challenges faced by business operators in order to empower people and society.

*1 As of March 2020.

Solutions to Support Offline/Online Hybrid Live Events

Overview:  A range of solutions designed to support hybrid live events held simultaneously offline and online that combines Rakuten Ticket with Rakuten TV. Business operators receive comprehensive, one-stop support from Rakuten, and the solutions offer everything from online ticket sales to the live broadcasting of offline events in an integrated package.
Launch date: June 2, 2020
Broadcast launch date/content: TBA
How to watch: Viewable via the Rakuten TV streaming page or app (in real time or via archive).
Applications/Inquiries: support@ticket.rakuten.co.jp

About Rakuten Ticket
Rakuten Ticket is a ticket reservation and sales website managed by TicketStar, Inc., a Rakuten Group company. The site offers reservation and general sales of tickets for various events, including sports, live performances, concerts and theater/stage performances. In addition to users being able to earn and use Rakuten Points, the Rakuten Group aims to contribute to the maximization of entertainment experiences by providing a range of original value-added services.

About Rakuten TV
A live streaming and video-on-demand service provided by Rakuten offering users in Japan approximately 180,000 pieces of content covering sports, such as Pacific League Japanese pro baseball, movies, dramas, anime and stage shows. The videos can be viewed on various devices, including smartphones, computers and TVs. Information on compatible devices can be found on the Rakuten TV website (https://tv.rakuten.co.jp/static/guide/device).


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