February 12, 2020
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Rakuten Announces New Original Documentary, “Andrés Iniesta – The Unexpected Hero,” a Rakuten TV Production

- This will be the first official documentary about Andrés Iniesta, featuring unpublished content about the Vissel Kobe player.
- The new film shares an intimate look at the life of world-renowned footballer Andrés Iniesta and includes exclusive interviews with globally renowned football stars Messi, Neymar, Suárez, Guardiola, Xavi and more.
- The official trailer for the documentary available here: https://youtu.be/C0NbseZNOpI

Barcelona and Tokyo, February 12, 2020 – Rakuten, Inc. and Rakuten TV today announced plans for an upcoming new original production entitled Andrés Iniesta – The unexpected hero, the first-ever documentary about the football legend Andrés Iniesta. The documentary will feature unpublished content reflecting on the major milestones in his career and personal life.

Andrés Iniesta – The unexpected hero
will be released globally, starting with Europe, Japan, the United States and Southeast Asia. In Europe, the documentary will be exclusively available for free on the AVOD (ad-supported) section of Rakuten TV, one of the leading video-on-demand platforms in the European market. In Japan, the documentary will be available on Rakuten TV and Rakuten Sports, the Rakuten Group’s global live streaming, video on demand and community platform that powers live sports matches from top leagues and includes the original series Iniesta TV, and in the U.S. and Southeast Asia on Rakuten Sports and Rakuten Viki, the Rakuten Group’s global video streaming service providing content translated by a volunteer community of fans. Global distribution will follow via Rakuten content partners.

The documentary focuses on Iniesta’s life and incredible career, spanning the beginning of his path at Barcelona Youth Academy, La Masía, through to his meteoric rise to fame playing for FC Barcelona and Spain, where his on-pitch skills secured the victory at the 2010 World Cup, and his arrival at Vissel Kobe in Japan. Alongside testimonials directly from Iniesta, the documentary brings together tributes from globally renowned football players such as Lionel Messi, Neymar, Luis Suárez, Pep Guardiola and Xavier Hernández.

Iniesta commented, “My story is the story of a person who tries to overcome any obstacle to be the best version of himself. It is a story about difficulties from an optimistic perspective and I hope people find inspiration in it.”

Rakuten TV will produce Iniesta in collaboration with leading Spanish production company Producciones del Barrio, which is led by Jordi Évole and Ramón Lara. The documentary is scripted by journalist Marcos López, who has closely followed Iniesta’s career, authoring the player’s official biography, The Artist: Being Iniesta. The original idea was created by Sports&Life agency, which represents Iniesta.

Speaking about the new documentary, Jacinto Roca, CEO and founder of Rakuten TV, commented, “Rakuten values empowerment, innovation and optimism which are perfectly illustrated in Iniesta’s personal and professional life. This story talks about personal self-improvement, starting from his beginnings in his small hometown, Fuentealbilla, up until becoming the captain of FC Barcelona. It is also about global innovation in the sport, thanks to his unique playing style. The documentary flows together to create an amazing story that we are proud to be part of, and we are excited to share within an innovative distribution system.”

The documentary further cements the close relationship Rakuten enjoys with Andrés Iniesta, following his transfer to Rakuten Group team Vissel Kobe in Japan.

Andrés Iniesta – The unexpected hero will be available on Rakuten TV in Europe, on Rakuten TV and Rakuten Sports in Japan, and on Rakuten Sports and Rakuten Viki in the U.S. and Southeast Asia in spring 2020. The official trailer is available here: https://youtu.be/C0NbseZNOpI

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