December 13, 2018
  • Rakuten, Inc.
  • Rakuten Communications Corp.

Rakuten RapidAPI Announces Launch of Redesigned API Marketplace

Rakuten RapidAPI 2.0 includes new discovery features to support software developers in APAC

Tokyo, December 13, 2018 – Rakuten Inc. and Rakuten Communications Corp., a Rakuten Group company that provides telecommunications services, today announced the launch of “Rakuten RapidAPI 2.0”, its completely redesigned API marketplace aimed at accelerating the way software developers access APIs in Japan and the Asia Pacific region.

Rakuten RapidAPI was launched in July 2018 through a strategic partnership with RapidAPI. Rakuten RapidAPI offers access to the world’s largest API marketplace, including a rich lineup of over 8,000 APIs used by over 500,000 developers around the world. The redesigned marketplace features a new and rich user interface (UI) developed based on user feedback. Rakuten RapidAPI 2.0 now introduces a clean look and feel that reflects the standard of modern developer tools, and offers an intuitive user experience. Newly included features aim to offer differentiated experiences to developers in APAC based on their use case and location.

Rakuten RapidAPI 2.0’s new UI helps developers more quickly find useful APIs on the main discovery interface through “API Collections”, a feature that groups APIs by functionality or use case. Each API will now show granular performance data including its popularity score, latency*1 and uptime*2 that will help developers choose the best API for their requirements. Developers will also be able, where provided, to view code samples without having to configure API calls.

Through the launch of Rakuten RapidAPI 2.0, Rakuten continues to drive the expansion of the API economy and encourage innovation among developers.

Overview of Rakuten RapidAPI 2.0 and new features

The main discovery interface has been completely redesigned and APIs are now organized by function and use case. Rakuten RapidAPI 2.0 also provides API performance data including user rating, latency and uptime. These improvements make it easier for users to find the APIs they need and more quickly evaluate their choices.

Service outline

Name: Rakuten RapidAPI 2.0
Launch date: 13 December 2018
Description:  API marketplace for developers
Service URL:
 ● English: 
 ● Japanese:
Languages: Japanese, English
The redesigned Rakuten RapidAPI 2.0 includes features such as:
 1.API Collections
  -  Developers can more easily access all their API options for their use case or
      a specific function through API Collections.
 2.API performance data
  -  Each API will show 3 performance metrics namely user rating, latency in the last
      30 days, and uptime during the same period. This data visibility is one-of-a-kind
      and helps developers to identify APIs that meet their performance standards.
 3.Greater information visibility with less navigation
  -  On the main discovery interface, APIs will have a pop-over feature that provides
      additional information such as top endpoints*3 , category, pricing model and date
      of last update when a cursor is placed over the API.
      In addition,  where provided, API pages will show sample code responses without
      having to configure an API call.

*1 Latency: The time it takes in milliseconds (mS) for a user to make an API call and
       receive a successful response. This is based on the last 30 days.
*2 Uptime: The percentage of successful API calls, during the last 30 days.
*3 Addresses on networks and DNs displaying the location of a function that a program
  makes available externally

Rakuten RapidAPI 2.0’s new discovery interface

Renewed Search design

API Collections and pop-over feature

About Rakuten Communications
Rakuten Communications, subsidiary of global innovation leader Rakuten, Inc., is an Information and Communications Technology company that strives to create new value for a digital society. In addition to existing fixed-line communication services including IP phone, Myline and internet connection services, the company offers mobile and cloud solutions to position its customers for a digital future. Rakuten Communications Corp. aims to expand by development of the potential of the IP platform, across voice, data, media and applications. 
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