November 14, 2014
  • Rakuten, Inc.
  • Toshiba Corporation

“Maternity Mode” Added to Rakuten Kirei-do-Navi

- New Feature Supports the Maternity Life of Women -

Tokyo, November 14, 2014 – Rakuten, Inc. and Toshiba Corporation announced today that a new feature, “Maternity Mode”, has been added to “Rakuten Kirei-do-Navi,” a basal body temperature tracking app jointly provided by the two companies. The “Maternity Mode” feature is designed to support the maternity life of women. The feature will be available on the latest version of the app on AndroidTM devices from October 29, and on iPhone® from November 14.

Rakuten Kirei-do-Navi is a smartphone app that graphs women’s basal body temperature and tracks their hormonal balance based on the basal body temperature data measured using a specially designed thermometer developed by Toshiba. Until now, the app’s main features have been oriented towards women trying to become pregnant and women wishing to know their hormonal balance for beauty and health. With the addition of “Maternity Mode,” women will now be able to continue using the app during their pregnancy when their hormones are fluctuating.

By setting the app to “Maternity Mode,” the app can provide comprehensive support for the maternity life of the user, with functions such as a display of their weeks of pregnancy and a countdown to delivery, a healthy pregnancy calendar, functions to help women manage their weight until delivery, and a store for items they may need based on which week of pregnancy they are in. Users will also be able to receive basic information that will calm their fears about first-time childbirth, as well as daily information on babies and motherhood. The idea for the new feature grew out of comments received from users about how they wished they could continue using the service during their pregnancy.

Rakuten Kirei-do-Navi remains committed to further enhancing its features to meet the needs of women at each stage of their lives. 

Overview of New Feature “Maternity Mode”

Name of Added Feature: “Maternity Mode”
   Android™: Wednesday, Ocotber 29, 2014
   iPhone®:  Friday, November 14, 2014

Main Functions:
  ・Display Weeks of pregnancy and countdown to delivery
  ・Daily updates on babies and motherhood
  ・Healthy pregnancy calendar
  ・Weight management until delivery
  ・Basic useful information for mothers and mothers-to-be
  ・Shopping tool for purchasing items needed based on weeks of pregnancy 

How to Set “Maternity Mode”:
Install the latest version of the “Rakuten Kirei-do-Navi” app, and go to “Menu” > Go to “Settings and Payment” > Go to “Change Mode,” and select “Maternity Mode”

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