May 2, 2024
  • Rakuten Group, Inc.

Get Ready to Meet Okaimono Panda: Rakuten Presents New Anime Series Starring Beloved Mascot

- First-ever TV anime series featuring Rakuten’s official mascot due in fall 2024
- Rakuten Panda! teaser video now available

Tokyo, May 2, 2024 - Rakuten Group, Inc. today announced the launch of an anime series starring the company’s official mascot, Okaimono Panda, set to premiere in the fall of 2024. Content production for the series will be led by Rakuten Content Central, a company specializing in intellectual property and media franchising.

  • Credit: © Rakuten/Rakuten Panda!

Okaimono Panda – literally “shopping panda” – celebrates its 11th anniversary as Rakuten’s official mascot this year on May 7. Entitled Rakuten Panda!, this televised anime series will be the first to feature the mascot character and is slated to hit Japanese small screens in fall 2024.

Rakuten’s beloved Panda will be voiced by veteran voice actor Ikue Otani, known for her iconic character voices including Pikachu in the Pokémon series and Tony Tony Chopper from ONE PIECE, as well as for voicing Okaimono Panda in TV commercials. To bring the original storyline to life, Rakuten has gathered a production team comprised of top talent behind many of Japan’s most popular anime, including Sazae-san, Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan and Gintama. Shinji Takamatsu will direct the new anime, with series composition overseen by Higashi Shimizu. Character design will be led by Yasue Sosogi and Shin-Ei Animation will lead on anime production.

The teaser video for Rakuten Panda! is now available on the official site, with details on the anime release date and available channels to be announced soon.

In a special promotion initiative, the Okaimono Panda anime will feature at one of Japan's largest fashion and music events Rakuten GirlsAward 2024 SPRING / SUMMER held on May 3, 2024 at Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium. Guest attendees will join the Okaimono Panda stage to showcase the anime series. At the Okaimono Panda booth, a screening of the teaser video will be available in addition to a photo booth where fans can greet and meet Okaimono Panda. The event will be live-streamed on the official TikTok channel of GirlsAward.

Rakuten will continue developing a variety of entertainment experiences featuring Okaimono Panda and rolling out original content IP for customers in Japan and overseas through Rakuten Content Central.

Rakuten Panda! Anime Teaser Video 

Comment from Voice Actor Ikue Otani

"I've been voicing Okaimono Panda for Rakuten’s commercials for many years. And when I heard it's becoming an anime, I almost couldn’t believe it!
I'm sure Okaimono Panda will have a lot to say as always. Up until now, most of the time I've expressed the character through singing, so I'm really looking forward to voicing them in even more dialogue scenes and exploring new dimensions of the character. I'm excited to see Okaimono Panda’s everyday adventures come to life in the series, and I hope you are as excited as I am to see the story unfold.”

Comment from Director Shinji Takamatsu 
"I've been a fan of these characters for a long time, and even use their LINE stickers. You can imagine my surprise when I heard they were getting their own anime! Shopping (“Okaimono” in Japanese), of course, had to play a key part in the story. I thought it would be fun to create an anime where Okaimono Panda, a shopaholic, and their best friend Little Panda, go on wild shopping sprees, causing chaos along the way. I hope you enjoy jumping into their world and experiencing their adventures too."

Overview of Rakuten Panda!  Anime

Title: Rakuten Panda!
Release date: Fall 2024
Character information: Okaimono Panda has a big heart and always gives 110% no matter what. They are also a bit of a shopaholic, which sometimes gets them into a spot of trouble…

Cast and crew:
・Okaimono Panda: Ikue Otani (Pikachu in Pokémon, Tony Tony Chopper in ONE PIECE, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya in Detective Conan, Zatch Bell in Zatch Bell!, Himeko Nonohara in Himechan No Ribon)
・Director: Shinji Takamatsu (Gintama, KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops, Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto)
・Series composition: Higashi Shimizu (Sazae-san, Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan, Pretty Cure)
・Character design: Yasue Sosogi (Doraemon: Nobita's Sky Utopia, The Electric Town's Bookstore)
・Animation production: Shin-Ei Animation (Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan, Teasing Master Takagi-san)
Official website: (*Japanese page)
Official X:
Official TikTok:
Credit: © Rakuten / Rakuten Panda!
*Details will be announced soon.  

Overview of Rakuten’s Official Mascot, Okaimono Panda
Okaimono Panda is the official mascot of Rakuten, whose adorable look and emotional expression has won the hearts of fans around the world. Since appearing as an original LINE sticker for Rakuten Ichiba in May 2013, the mascot has made over 56 million friends on Rakuten Ichiba's official LINE account, as of March 2024.
Official website: (*Japanese page)
Official X:

Overview of Rakuten Content Central
Established in September 2022, Rakuten Content Central is a content production that handles everything from IP development to comprehensive content production. The label connects Rakuten’s more than 70 services and 100 million members in Japan to provide users with a variety of entertainment experiences, through planning, production, distribution and sales of intellectual property in manga, movies, dramas and sports.

For inquiries about Rakuten Panda! merchandising and promotions contact: (Rakuten Group, IP Content Business Department)

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