March 1, 2022
  • Rakuten Group, Inc.

Rakuten Launches Car Sharing Reservation Service “Rakuten CarShare”

- Book and pay for ORIX CarShare in nearly 1,700 locations nationwide with Rakuten ID.

Tokyo, March 1, 2022 – Rakuten Group, Inc. today launched the car sharing reservation service Rakuten CarShare. In collaboration with existing car sharing companies, the service allows customers to select a vehicle model and plan of their choice to suit their destination and schedule. Rakuten’s first partner is ORIX Auto Corporation, operator of ORIX CarShare, a major car sharing service in Japan. By using their Rakuten ID, customers can access everything from booking to payment at any of the nearly 1,700*1 ORIX Auto car stations across Japan.

Rakuten CarShare official site:

Car sharing is a growing trend in Japan. Since each registered vehicle is shared by multiple users, costs associated with owning an automobile are significantly reduced. Additionally, as customers increasingly turn to sharing cars rather than each owning their own automobile, the way is paved toward a potential reduction in energy use and CO2 emissions. By launching a new car sharing service, Rakuten not only provides more mobility options for more than 100 million Rakuten members*2, it also aims to contribute to the further development of the car sharing market and expand the Rakuten Ecosystem.

Key Rakuten Car Share features:
・Special pricing allows users to only pay for time and distance used
Rates are calculated exclusively according to the amount of time booked and distance traveled. There are no monthly fees, fuel costs, or insurance costs. Discounted rates automatically apply for customers using cars for longer periods of time. Rakuten members can use their Rakuten ID to easily complete the booking and paying process online.
・A simple and flexible booking system to accommodate sudden changes of plan
Bookings can be made 24 hours a day in 15-minute increments. Book flexibly to suit any occasion, such as a sudden change of plans or a short shopping trip. Just enter the date, time and location to search available cars.
・Earn and use Rakuten Points
Rakuten Points, which can be used with a range of Rakuten services from online shopping and travel to investment and insurance, as well as affiliated stores such as convenient stores and pharmacies, can also be earned and used on Rakuten CarShare. Users earn one Rakuten Point for every 100 yen spent (excludes tax).

Screenshots of dedicated official site (mobile version)

To commemorate the launch of Rakuten CarShare, all Rakuten members who sign up for and use the car sharing service during the campaign period will receive a gift of 1,000 Rakuten Points*3. See here for more details about the campaign:

Going forward, Rakuten will continue working to further enhance the new service launched today by expanding its series of collaborations with other car sharing companies.

1* As of March 2021.
2* As of December 2021.
3* Points gifted in this campaign are limited time points

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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