March 5, 2018
  • Rakuten, Inc.
  • Fablic, inc.

Actress and TV Personality Rina Kawaei to Appear in First TV Commercial for New Rakuma

- Set to air around Japan from March 9 -

Tokyo, March 5, 2018 – Rakuten, Inc. and Rakuten Group company Fablic, inc. will begin broadcasting a new television commercial for Rakuma, the consumer-to-consumer (C2C) marketplace app they operate, from March 9. Actress and TV personality Rina Kawaei was selected as the face of the new commercial, titled the “Rakuma Zero Yen Dance Compilation.”

Rakuma is the C2C marketplace app operated by the Rakuten Group which allows users to sell goods without incurring a service fee. On February 26, 2018, Rakuten’s Rakuma and Fablic’s FRIL – both C2C marketplace apps – were unified to form the new Rakuma. Through this unification, Rakuten is looking to provide a new platform that will attract more customers and offer an even greater lineup of products. Furthermore, by continuing to offer the 0 yen service fee, Rakuma will be able to provide a service that users can utilize economically at any time.

Ms. Kawaei has recently been expanding her sphere of activities into new areas. After her transition from an idol group member to actress, Ms. Kawaei has appeared in a number of popular television dramas and films and was also selected by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for public service advertisements raising awareness of the 48th general election of the House of Representatives last year. This made her a perfect match for the recently unified and expanded Rakuma. One of the new Rakuma’s most attractive features is that anyone can use the platform as much as they like without incurring a selling fee, and Ms. Kawaei communicates this feeling in a rhythmical way through the “Rakuma Zero Yen Dance Compilation.”

Overview of the new television commercial “Rakuma Zero Yen Dance Compilation”
Title of commercial: “Rakuma Zero Yen Dance Compilation” (15 seconds)
Period commercial will be on air: March 9 to March 24, 2018
Commercial broadcast area: Nationwide
Performer: Rina Kawaei
Advertising company: Dentsu Inc.
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The commercial’s storyline
A photograph of Rina Kawaei wearing a colorful dress reminiscent of the Rakuma logo appears on a screen of products on sale on the new Rakuma. A lighthearted intro sounds and music begins to play, when suddenly Ms. Kawaei begins dancing within the photograph, expressing through her movements the gratifying feeling of being able to sell something on Rakuma without needing to pay a selling fee. The commercial’s appeal lies in its vibrant atmosphere and Ms. Kawaei’s snappy dancing.

Filming anecdote
The commercial was shot in a studio near central Tokyo in late December last year. Ms. Kawaei, wearing a dress created specifically for the commercial, worked extremely well with the director and the filming went smoothly. The “Zero Yen Dance” that Ms. Kawaei was asked to perform was fast and difficult, but she managed to master the choreography perfectly after just a few minutes with the dance instructor. The 15-second commercial is packed full of Ms. Kawaei’s energy and charm.

Profile of Rina Kawaei

Rina Kawaei was born in Kanagawa Prefecture on February 12, 1995. She is represented by Avex Management Inc. Nicknamed Ricchan, she is a former member of the idol group AKB48’s 11th generation. She graduated from AKB48 in August 2015, following which she has landed acting roles in television programs and films such as “Toto Neechan,” an NHK television drama series; “Bokutachi ga Yarimashita,” a Kansai TV / FujiTV drama; and the film “Death Note: Light Up the New World.” She will star in her first leading film role in “Koi No Shizuku,” which will be released in 2018.

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