June 23, 2016
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten Invests in Remote Farming
Service Provider Telefarm

Aiming to contribute to regional revitalization with agriculture support through the internet

Tokyo, June 23, 2016 – Rakuten, Inc. (TOKYO: 4755) today announced that it has invested in remote farming service provider Telefarm Co., Ltd.

Since September 2010, Telefarm has been providing a remote cultivation service for organic vegetables which incorporates gamification. The company carries out “Community Supported Agriculture” through the internet, and by connecting consumers and farmers, allows consumers to obtain vegetables they have overseen themselves, and provides farmers with stable revenue and sales channels.

With the working population in the agricultural industry steadily declining, coupled with Japan’s aging population, labor shortages in the industry are becoming a serious problem, and the amount of deserted arable land is increasing every year. Farmers are facing serious challenges, with initial investment and unstable revenues posing obstacles for new farmers, and the securement of stable sales channels and a shortage of successors presenting challenges for established, small-scale farmers.

Since its founding, Rakuten has upheld the philosophy of empowering people and society through the internet, and it intends to bring innovative solutions to solve challenges in agriculture, and contribute to the development of the industry. Rakuten decided to invest in Telefarm as part of the agriculture reforms it intends to promote.

Going forward, Rakuten will explore the development of new services in the agriculture field through the internet, while aiming to contribute to regional revitalization through the utilization of deserted arable land and support for new farmers.

About Telefarm

Name: Telefarm Co., Ltd.
URL: http://www.telefarm.net
Address: Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
Representative: Managing Director and President, Shinobu Endo
Established: April 2007
Capital Stock: 32,000,000 yen (As of April 30, 2016)
Details of Business:  
1.    Agriculture revitalization business that uses a web-based remote cultivation system
2.    Production and sale of fruit trees, vegetables and grains
3.    Storage, transportation and sale of agricultural produce
4.    Manufacture and sale of seeds, seedlings and materials
5.    Undertaking of farm work on commission
6.    Planning and management of farming experiences and other events, and all business affairs related to the above

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