June 17, 2013
  • Kobo Inc.

Kobo Launches Limited Edition kobo glo
eReader with “Hello Kitty” Case

Tokyo, June 17, 2013 - Kobo Inc., a subsidiary of Rakuten Inc., today began taking advance orders for the kobo glo eBook reader that comes in a set with a “Hello Kitty” kobo case, produced through a design collaboration with Sanrio Company, Ltd., which owns the rights to the popular character. This is the first time an original Rakuten kobo case will be sold in collaboration with a popular character.

The special set will be available in two variations. The first is the kobo glo Silver Star, coupled with a chic, elegant and grownup-looking case, which features a cool black Hello Kitty character against a demure rose color scheme. Another is the kobo glo Pink Sunset coupled with an adorable case, which features the entire face of Hello Kitty on the surface of the case. Each set retails at 10,960yen (tax inclusive). This is a limited edition product that is available only through the Rakuten “kobo” shop on the online shopping mall, Rakuten Ichiba. To commemorate this launch, customers who place an advance order or make a purchase between June 14 and June 30 will receive a special gift of a zipper pouch for use with their kobo.

By producing and selling eBook reader cases through design collaborations with popular characters, Kobo  hopes to increase awareness of its eBook reader product among new consumer groups, particularly women, and to promote more widespread use of its eBook reader. In the future, the company plans to develop more original cases in limited numbers, in collaboration with various partners.

Going forward, Kobo will continue to put effort into developing its contents and coming up with more ways for users to enjoy the eBook experience.


Details on the Launch of the Original “Hello Kitty” kobo Case

■Product name:Hello Kitty x kobo Super Slim Case

■Retail period:Advance orders start on June 17, 2013 

■Target model:kobo glo

■Retail price:10,960yen(tax inclusive) ※Retailed in a set with the kobo glo eBook reader

■Product sets:(1) Hello Kitty x kobo Super Slim Case (Classic) and kobo glo Silver Star
                    (2) Hello Kitty x kobo Super Slim Case (Face) and kobo glo Pink Sunset

■Special gift: For purchases made before June 30 customers will receive a black zipper pouch for (1) and a red zipper pouch for (2)

■Available at: Rakuten “kobo” shop
                    URL: https://item.rakuten.co.jp/rakuten24-kobo/i001281088056/ 

■Dimensions: Length 159.5 x Width 116 x Thickness 12.4 (mm)
                   ※ Dimensions are for the kobo Super Slim Case only

■Weight: Approx. 31g

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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