October 15, 2012
  • Rakuten, Inc

“Minshu Diary” Launches the “Minshu Link” Service,
Japan’s First Business Career SNS Site for Students

- Providing a place where students can contemplate their future careers or jobs -

TOKYO, October 15, 2012 -- Rakuten, Inc. today launched the “Minshu Link” service on “Minshu Diary” (“Minshu” hereinafter), a word-of-mouth career information site operated by Rakuten. It is an SNS site unique to Minshu, where members participate using their real names to discuss issues pertaining to their careers or jobs.


Minshu developed Japan’s first business career SNS site for university students. Specifically, this SNS unique to Minshu will allow students to communicate directly with people who have already been promised employment or corporate recruiters regarding their jobs, careers, and companies. The service will advertise for members through word-of-mouth between students.


With the ethics charter revision in 2011, the time allowed for job hunting has been shortened. But this service will provide a place where students can contemplate their future careers before beginning their job hunting, allowing the early cultivation of career awareness. On the other hand, it will also have merits for corporations, to promote understanding for them among students through communication, and by allowing the efficient recruitment of suitable human resources by gauging the students’ views and enthusiasm. According to the “Survey on Job Hunting” conducted by Rakuten Research in September 2012, 40% of students engaging in job hunting are making use of SNS.


Rakuten hopes that “Minshu Link” will help alleviate anxiety among students while job hunting, and provide an opportunity for them to contemplate their careers at an early stage. Minshu plans to continue providing useful information in the future on student job hunting.

Outline of “Minshu Link” Service

■ Launch Date of Service: Monday, October 15, 2012

■ Target Audience: University students

■ Registration Fee: Free

■ URL: http://labs.nikki.ne.jp/


* About Minshu Diary (URL: https://www.nikki.ne.jp/)
“Minshu” is one of Japan’s biggest word-of-mouth, job hunting, information sites with around 24,600 separate bulletin boards of different corporations, and a total number of around 8.5 million postings. It provides a variety of job hunting-related services revolving around bulletin boards for current students to exchange information on job hunting, and other services such as comparisons between different corporations or the stories of people who have successfully landed jobs.



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