September 19, 2012
  • Rakuten EMOBILE, Inc.

Announcing Rakuten Super WiFi, an LTE-Compatible Mobile Data Communication Service
Registration Starts Today!

TOKYO, Japan, September 19, 2012 — Rakuten EMOBILE, Inc. (“Rakuten EMOBILE,” President and CEO: Kenichiro Nakajima, Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) has announced the launch of “Rakuten Super WiFi,” a mobile data communication service compatible with LTE (Long Term Evolution), the next-generation mobile high-speed communications standard. The company begins registration for the service today, September 19, at The service itself is scheduled to begin on October 1.


“Rakuten Super WiFi” uses “EMOBILE LTE,” a next-generation mobile high-speed communication service provided by eAccess and offered under the Rakuten brand name. The service provides the fastest level of mobile communications for the lowest price in the industry, at 3,880 yen per month. In addition, users who sign up for the service receive three times the normal amount of “Rakuten Super Points” for purchases made on “Rakuten Ichiba” for the first 2 years using the service.


For the commemorative campaign, users are either given 5,000 “Rakuten super Points” or a free “kobo Touch,” an eBook reader, when they sign up.


The “Rakuten Super WiFi” device is the size of a business card and weighs only 140 g. It is small and lightweight with a battery life lasting up to 9 hours of continual use, the longest battery life in the industry, providing customers with the peace of mind to make use of the service even during long outings. It also allows for the connection of up to 10 devices at the same time (a maximum of 11 when the USB connection is included), enabling multiple devices such as a mobile PC, tablet, smartphones, eBook readers, or multiple users to connect to it simultaneously.


Signing up for the service can be registered for easily using Rakuten member ID. There are no complicated procedures involved. Devices are delivered as early as the day after placing an order. Unlike a landline-based Internet connection, there is no need for complicated set up procedures. The Internet can be accessed on the same day the device is delivered.


“Rakuten EMOBILE” uses “Rakuten Super WiFi” to provide customers with an attractive mobile data communication service, contributing to the promotion of convenient Internet service use.

Summary of “Rakuten Super WiFi” Service

1) Triple Rakuten Super Points: Those who sign up for the service receive three times the normal amount of “Rakuten Super Points” for purchases made on “Rakuten Ichiba” for the first two years while using the service (*1).


2) Gift of Rakuten Super Points: To commemorate the launch of the service, 5,000 Rakuten Super Points, or a free kobo Touch eBook reader are given to those who sign up.


3) High speed data communication: A maximum inbound communication speed of 75 Mbps (*2), which is comparable with optical fiber landlines.


4) Reasonable price: The “Rakuten Super WiFi” device is provided at no additional cost. A fixed monthly charge of 3,880 yen (*3) allows unlimited use of mobile data communication (*4).


5) The longest battery life in the industry: The “Rakuten Super WiFi” device has a battery life of 380 hours on standby, or 9 hours of continual use, making it possible for customers to use the device even during long outings with peace of mind.


6) Extensive WiFi coverage: A rate of coverage exceeding 99% of the population is planned to be achieved in cities designated by ordinances and areas where prefectural governments are located (by the end of March 2013) (*5).


(*1) As a general rule, Rakuten Super Points are given at a rate of 1% (1 point per 100 yen) for purchases made on Rakuten Ichiba. The Rakuten Super Point privileges allocated at the time of registration for “Rakuten Super WiFi” entitling users to three times the normal amount of points shall be limited to a maximum amount equivalent to 30 thousand yen spent on Rakuten Ichiba per month for the first 2 years. A two-year contract must be signed to become eligible for the extra points, and in the case of the contract being terminated before the end of the two-year term, the privilege will only cover the time up to the point of contract termination. If the contract is renewed after 2 years, the triple-point privilege is also extended to the end of the renewed contract.


(*2) The maximum speed of “Rakuten Super WiFi” will be 75 Mbps for inbound communication, and 25 Mbps for outbound communication (areas where these speeds are possible are limited).


The maximum speed in areas not covered by “Rakuten Super WiFi” but covered by “EMOBILE G4” will be 42 Mbps for inbound communication, and 5.8 Mbps for outbound communication (areas where these speeds are possible are limited). Maximum communication speeds are listed on a best effort basis only (maximum speeds attainable on the network), and they are not guaranteed at all times. Speeds vary depending on the user’s communication environment and traffic load. Refer to the EMOBILE website ( for more details on the area of service. Communication from the device (between the data communication device and WiFi device) shall be through wireless LAN (IEEE802.11b/g/n) (GL04P can also communicate through a USB cable connection).


(*3) Users are required to sign up for the “Rakuten Super WiFi for 2 Years + Assist 1600” plan for 2 years. In the event that the contract is terminated before the end of its two-year term, a cancelation fee is charged in accordance with the period of service use. An additional handling fees (3,150 yen) plus a universal service fee (3.15 yen/month) is also charged.


(*4) Users who use more than 3 million packets (366 MB) over 24 hours have their communication speed limited during peak traffic hours (from 9 P.M. on the same day to 2 A.M.). Furthermore, when users exceed 10 GB per month after May 2014, the communication speed is limited until the end of that month.


(*5) Rate of population coverage: Calculated based on whether communication is possible where public offices of cities, towns and villages are located. It is defined as “the sum total of the proportion of the population of cities, towns and villages that has access to communication services at the public offices of cities, towns and villages in relation to the total population of the country.”

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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