July 19, 2012
  • Kobo Inc.

Kobo Touch eReader™ Hits Japan Full Force through
Rakuten’s e-Commerce Platform and Retail Stores

TOKYO, July 19, 2012 - Kobo Inc., a global leader in eReading, today announced the company’s award-winning Kobo Touch™ eReader along with its full eReading service is now available in Japan at https://rakuten.kobobooks.com .

The Kobo Touch eReader, which has been available for preorder for JPY 7980 since July 2nd, has already proven to be a major hit with Japanese consumers, jumping straight to the top spot from over 100,000,000 products listed on Rakuten’s online shopping mall, Rakuten Ichiba. The Kobo Touch uses the industry standard EPUB 3.0 format which supports Japanese language layout including vertical text and ruby characters. The Kobo eReader Touch soft-quilted back feels great in your hands, while the E Ink Pearl screen is easy on the eyes – and is easily read in bright sunlight. It  stores up to 1,000 books. Readers can easily customize their reading experience by choosing from a number of font styles and font sizes making it the perfect eReader for anyone. To date, black is the top model with fashionable silver and blue ranking as the most popular colors.

In addition to Rakuten Ichiba, The Kobo Touch eReader is also on sale at major electronics retailers Bic Camera, Sofmap, Joshin and Yodobashi Camera, while bookseller Tsutaya will also be selling Kobo Touch at select stores. Major bookstores Maruzen, Junkudo, Bunkyodo and Tsutaya are also prominently displaying the Kobo Touch eReader in their stores. Rakuten and Kobo invite consumers to visit a store and learn how to download content, use the Kobo Touch eReader, and have questions answered.

In addition to the 2.4-million title catalogue available in Japan, Kobo offers a robust lineup of Japanese novels, essays, business and comic books from some of Japan’s top publishing houses, including Kadokawa Group, Gentosha, Kodansha, Shogakukan and Bungeishunju. The Kobo Touch eReader supports Manga titles and the EPUB 3.0 format to give consumers a sharp, easy-to-read experience with Japanese language layout including vertical text and ruby characters. To mark the Japan launch of Kobo, these publishers have made a selection of titles exclusively available to Kobo.


Kobo Inc. is one of the world’s fastest-growing eReading services offering more than 2.5 million eBooks, magazines and newspapers– and counting. Believing that consumers should have the freedom to read any book on any device, Kobo has built an open-standards platform to provide consumers with a choice when reading. Inspired by a “Read Freely” philosophy and a passion for innovation, Kobo has expanded to nearly 200 countries, where millions of consumers have access to localized eBook catalogues and award-winning eReaders, like the Kobo Touch. With top-ranked eReading applications for Apple, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows products, Kobo allows consumers to make eReading social through Facebook Timeline and Reading Life, an industry-first social experience that lets users earn awards for time spent reading and encouraging others to join in. Headquartered in Toronto and owned by Tokyo-based Rakuten, Kobo eReaders can be found in major retail chains across the globe.

For more information, visit www.kobo.com.

Kobo Touch retail locations (as of July 19)

■Rakuten kobo

Launched on Rakuten Ichiba (Rakuten 24, Rakuten Books)
■Electronics retailers
Bic Camera: physical stores, Biccamera.com, Bic Camera Rakuten Ichiba branch

Sofmap: physical stores, Sofmap.com, Sofmap Rakuten Ichiba branch

Kojima: physical stores, Kojima.net, Kojima Rakuten Ichiba branch

Joshin: physical stores, Joshin Net Shopping, Joshin Rakuten Ichiba branch

Yodobashi Camera: physical stores, Yodobashi.com

Tsutaya:5 stores (Daikanyama, Sangenjaya, Ebisubashi, Fukuoka Tenjin, Tokyo Roppongi branches) 
(1) Simultaneous launch of paper books and eBooks, and one month exclusive advance online availability
-Amatta kasa wa arimasen, Miyuki Torii
-Otosan wa dokyusei , Yoshimitsu Sawamoto


(2) Exclusive advance online availability of popular eBooks

- Kiyosu kaigi, Koki Mitani ※2 week advance exclusive availability
- Taiyo wa ugokanai, Shuichi Yoshida ※ 2 week advance exclusive availability
- Hana to nagareboshi, Shusuke Michio ※2 week advance exclusive availability

(1)exclusive advance availability of eBooks

- Drucker Meichoshu 1 Keieisha no joken
- Drucker Meichoshu 2 Gendai no keiei (1)
- Drucker Meichoshu 3 Gendai no keiei (2)
- Drucker Meichoshu 4 Hieiri soshiki no keiei
- Drucker Meichoshu 5 Innovation to kigyoka seishin
- Drucker Meichoshu 6 Sozo suru keieisha
- Drucker Meichoshu 7 Danzetsu no jidai
- Drucker Meichoshu 8 Post-shihonshugi shakai
- Drucker Meichoshu 9 “Keizaijin” no owari
- Drucker Meichoshu 10 Sangyojin no mirai
- Drucker Meichoshu 11 Kigyo to wa nani ka
- Drucker Meichoshu 12 Bokansha no jidai
- Drucker Meichoshu 13 Management (1)
- Drucker Meichoshu 14 Management (2)
- Drucker Meichoshu 15 Management (3)

Product overview

Name: Kobo Touch
Launch date: July 19, 2012 (pre-orders began July 2)
Price: 7,980 yen incl. tax
Colors: Black, blue, lilac, silver
・10mm thick and weighs 185g. Stores up to 1,000 books.
・17 font sizes. Users can change to preferred font style.
・Up to one month of use with a single recharge. Suitable for travel.
・Comes in different colors.
・Can be used to read on a PC, smartphone or other device. (This functionality is coming soon)

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