Message to Shareholders and Investors

Contribute to Society by Creating Value through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Corporate Mission

Our corporate mission since founding is based on the empowerment of individuals and society through innovation and entrepreneurship. We contribute to social innovation and enrichment by boosting the growth of as many people as possible, while providing services that ensure a high standard of satisfaction for both users and partner enterprises. Through these activities, we aim to maximize the corporate value and shareholder value of the Group and continue to be a Global Innovation Company.

Message from CEO

This year marks Rakuten's 20th anniversary since our founding. We started our business with the launch of the internet shopping mall Rakuten Ichiba, and expanded through a wide range of services including e-commerce, financial services (FinTech), digital contents, and communications. With a membership-based business model using a single ID, we have created a unique “Rakuten Ecosystem” found nowhere else. In addition to creating new frameworks for business model innovations and productivity improvement, we have consistently improved our organizational structure and operations. Rakuten was founded in 1997 with only 6 employees, but that number has reached nearly 14,000 employees now. It has grown into a group entity that provides innovative services to more than 1 billion users globally and generates global gross transaction volume of over ¥10 trillion.

The internet has become a fundamental part of our social infrastructure and we are experiencing a massive transformation of people's behaviors and even the definition of nations and national borders. Last year, with the intention to continue to take on new challenges unconstrained by accepted norms, we announced our vision for Rakuten as the “Global Innovation Company”. We are leveraging big data and AI (artificial intelligence) to transform our service functions and improve quality. Furthermore, we are going beyond Internet services to expand our business domain into new fields such as MVNO (mobile network operator), mobile payment services in the real world, and delivery services using drones. In order to further promote the Rakuten brand on a global scale, we will become the Main Global Partner and Global Innovation & Entertainment Partner of Spain's esteemed soccer club, FC Barcelona, from the 2017-2018 season.

In order to continue to make great leaps forward based on our philosophy of “empowering individuals and society through innovation and entrepreneurship”, the Rakuten Group will provide unique new value only Rakuten is capable of, and work to improve corporate and shareholder value through sustainable growth.

We ask for the ongoing understanding and support of our shareholders in these endeavors.

March 2017
Representative Director, President
Chairman and CEO