January 26, 2016
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten Ichiba Launches Trial of Virtual Clothes Fitting Service

By entering basic information such as height and weight, the service can display a virtual image and recommend sizes to fit the user’s body type

Tokyo, January 26, 2016 – Rakuten, Inc. today announced that it has launched a trial of a virtual fitting room service called “Virtual Fitting Room” and a clothing size advisory service titled “Fit Advisor” utilizing technologies of its subsidiary Fits.me Holdings Limited on Rakuten Ichiba.

With the Virtual Fitting Room, users can check on the product page how clothes will look when worn before buying them. By entering information related to their physique, such as their height and weight, followed by the type of fit they like (loose, tight), users can see which type and size of clothing suits their physique best. The Fit Advisor service provides recommendations on the clothing size based on information on the user’s physique input by the user, such as height and weight.

In this trial run, customers can use the Virtual Fitting Room to try on about 60 different men’s dress shirts from Menswear Haruyama that are listed on Rakuten Ichiba. The Fit Advisor service will also being offered for roughly 8,000 products on Stylife, the official fashion brand e-commerce site on Rakuten Ichiba.

Moving forward, Rakuten will continue to make efforts to provide high added-value services towards its goal of becoming a marketplace where customers can enjoy shopping even more.

Merchant participating in trial of the Virtual Fitting Room

Merchant: Menswear Haruyama

No. of Eligible Products: About 60 men’s dress shirts

Example Products: dress shirts

Merchant participating in trial of Fit Advisor

Merchant: Stylife

No. of Eligible Products: About 8,000 products

Example Products: women’s dress

About Fits.me

Fits.me enables leading apparel brands, retailers and merchants to engage with their shoppers, personalize their purchase journey and enjoy valuable operational insight through a portfolio of solutions centered on Fits.me’s expertise in fit preferences. The company joined Rakuten Group in 2015, and employs over 60 operations and commercial staff in London, New York, and at four sites in Estonia, which provide its development, research and support operations.

For more information: http://www.fits.me.

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