November 25, 2015
  • Rakuten Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Rakuten Life Launches New Product
“Rakuten Life Super 2000”

- A Comprehensive Life Insurance Plan with 2,000 Yen Monthly Premium
Regardless of Age and Gender -

Tokyo, November 25, 2015 – Rakuten Life Insurance Co., Ltd., a member of the Rakuten Group, announced today that from November 30, it will commence sales of “Rakuten Life Super 2000,” a comprehensive life insurance plan with the same monthly premium of 2,000 yen regardless of age and gender.

“Rakuten Life Super 2000” represents a newly developed comprehensive life insurance plan by Rakuten Life that combines various types of coverage for medical care, cancer, and death into a simple and easy-to-understand single plan. The premium is always 2,000 yen per month per plan for both men and women regardless of age. The policy period is one year. Premiums stay the same even after policy renewal. The plan is only sold online*1. Policyholders that are not hospitalized during the one-year period receive up to 6,000 yen per plan every year as a non-claim benefit for maintaining good health*2.

Rakuten Life will continue with its efforts to develop and provide customers with insurance products and services that meet their needs.

Product Features

Product name:                 Rakuten Life Super 2000 (Comprehensive Life Insurance)

Launch of sales:               November 30, 2015

Monthly premium:         2,000 yen (per policy; the premium is always 2,000 yen regardless of age or gender and stays the same even after renewal)

Issue Age:                       20 to 59 years old

Period of coverage:        1 year (the policy automatically renews up until the age of 64)

*Issue age is age last birthday as of issue date, renewal age is age last birthday as of renewal date.

* The ”Non-claim benefit for maintaining good health” can be received either by bank transfer, or as Rakuten Super Points*3 when selecting the direct payment service*4 at the time of application.
* Rakuten Super Points received as part of the Direct Payment Service are valid for a period of 6 months.
* This press release is intended to provide an overview of this product. Please review the information that will be published on Rakuten Life’s official website ( on or after November 30 prior to applying for this product or finalizing your policy.

*1 A Rakuten Member ID is required to apply.
*2 Policyholders that have not received a payment of illness-related hospitalization and accident-related hospitalization benefits during the one-year period after the enrollment date and who are still alive will receive the amount designated per the terms & conditions. This amount shall be paid out every year thereafter as long as the previous conditions are met.
*3 The Rakuten Super Points program is a loyalty rewards program where members can receive points that can be redeemed for services provided by the Rakuten Group. Accumulated Rakuten Super Points can be used to receive various services provided by the Rakuten Group. For further details, please visit:
*4 The Direct Payment Service is provided to policy holders that request to use it. Rakuten Life pays the ”Non-claim benefit for maintaining good health” to Rakuten, Inc., the operator of the Rakuten Super Points program and then Rakuten, Inc. provides the policyholder with an equivalent amount of Rakuten Super Points (1 yen = 1 point).

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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