September 7, 2015
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten Partners with Joshin Denki on R-Point Card Service

- R-Point Card service to be available at Joshin and other stores
from September 14 -

Tokyo, September 7, 2015 - Rakuten, Inc. today announced that it has formed a partnership with the general retailer Joshin Denki Co., Ltd. in its R-Point Card service. Through this partnership, customers will be able to use their R-Point Cards at Joshin Group stores*1, including Joshin household appliance stores and J&P PC and office automation equipment stores, from September 14, 2015. Joshin Denki is the first household appliance retail store chain to adopt the R-Point Card service.

In April 2004, Joshin Denki opened the Joshin web store on Rakuten Ichiba Internet shopping mall, however through this partnership, customers will be able to earn and use Rakuten Super Points*2 not just on Joshin web, but at Joshin Denki’s brick-and-mortar stores as well through the R-Point Card and the R-Point Card app*3.

Rakuten and Joshin Denki will start a campaign titled “Double Rakuten Super Points, and triple points for using the app!” to coincide with the launch of this service*4.

There are also plans to allow the use of Rakuten Edy eMoney in making payments at Joshin Group stores starting in early October. By making payments with Rakuten Edy through the Rakuten Edy app on smartphones and feature phones equipped with Osaifu Keitai®, and Rakuten Cards or Edy-R Point Cards equipped with a Rakuten Edy function, customers with be able to earn Rakuten Super Points. “Rakuten Check” has already been made available at targeted brick-and-mortar stores, allowing Rakuten Super Points to be earned by simply tapping the check-in button on the dedicated smartphone app*5.

Moving forward, Rakuten will continue bolstering collaboration with various services, centered on Rakuten Super Points, to provide services that offer greater user satisfaction.

Overview of R-Point Card Use at Various Joshin GROUP Stores
Overview: By presenting the R-Point Card or R-Point Card app along with the Joshin Card Joshin GROUP membership card at targeted stores at the time of making payments, customers will be able to earn Rakuten Super Points*2,*3. Rakuten Super Points may also be used to make payments.
Date of launch: September 14, 2015

Affiliated stores: Joshin (household appliances: 210 stores), J&P (specializing in PCs and office automation equipment: 1 store), DISK・PIER (specializing in music and movie software: 1 store), SUPER KIDS LAND (hobbies: 2 stores), KIDS LAND (hobbies: 1 store), Mother Pier (drugs and daily commodities: 6 stores)

Eligible products: All products with a unit price of 200 yen (excluding tax) or more (excludes certain products and services such as vouchers, gift cards, prepaid cards, payment for repairs, secondhand goods, and payment for extended warranties)

Points earned: Points are not earned on the total amount paid, but are calculated on a per targeted item basis, with 1 Rakuten Super Point earned for every 200 yen (excluding tax)*6

Campaign Overview
Overview: After entering into the campaign during the campaign period, customers can earn double the normal number of Rakuten Super Points by presenting their R-Point Card, and triple the number of Rakuten Super Points presenting the barcode displayed on the R-Point Card app*4,*7.
Entry start date: September 7, 2015
Campaign period: September 14 to October 31, 2015

*1 Rakuten Super Points cannot be earned at outlet stores, but can be used in payment.
*2 The R-Point Card app is a free app for iOS and AndroidTM with a function for displaying the R-Point Card barcode.
*3 The R-Point Card must be used in conjunction with the Joshin Card.
*4 Entry into the campaign and registration of the R-Point Card are required for eligibility in the campaign. For details on how to register, please refer to the R-Point Card User Guide at the following site:

*5 “Rakuten Check” is not available at certain stores, such as franchise stores.
*6 Joshin Points will be awarded in addition to Rakuten Super Points for payments made that are not eligible for Rakuten Super Points.
*7 Points awarded during the campaign are limited time points. The maximum number of points awarded during the campaign shall be 10,000 per person.

* iOS is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
* AndroidTM is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
* Osaifu Keitai® is registered trademark of NTT DOCOMO, INC.

About Joshin Denki
Joshin Denki is a general retailer group that operates Joshin, a household appliance retail store chain, J&P, a store specializing in PCs and office automation equipment, and Mother Pier, a chain of drugs and daily commodities stores, among others. Joshin web, on Rakuten Ichiba, has won consecutive Rakuten Shop of the Year awards since FY2004.

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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