April 30, 2015
  • Rakuten Securities Inc.

Minors Soon to be Able to Engage in Securities Trading Through Rakuten Securities

Applications to be Accepted for General Securities Accounts for Under-20s

Tokyo, April 30, 2015 – Rakuten Securities Inc. today announced that from late July 2015, it plans to begin accepting applications for general securities accounts for customers under 20 years of age. This will allow minors to trade stocks etc. through Rakuten Securities Inc., something they are currently not able to do.

The new tax law reform package enacted this fiscal year included a decision to establish the Junior NISA (Nippon Individual Savings Account) scheme. The aim of the Junior NISA scheme is to contribute to the nurturing of young and inexperienced investors and increase the number of such investors, support stable household asset building, and increase the supply of growth capital required for economic growth. Rakuten Securities has decided to allow minors to open general securities accounts before the Junior NISA scheme comes into effect. Account holders will be able to engage in transactions involving the financial products offered by Rakuten Securities, such as domestic spot-trading stocks, foreign stocks, and investment trust funds.

With the establishment of general securities accounts for minors, Rakuten Securities will also begin providing educational information regarding investment to the younger generation in order to contribute to the broadening of the range of potential investors.

Rakuten Securities will also continue to work on expanding its customer base by providing a range of services and products designed to meet the needs of its customers.

●Regarding explanation of fees and risks
When investing in products etc. offered by Rakuten Securities Inc., customers may be required to pay certain charges and fees. There is also the possibility that those products etc. may experience price fluctuations and so on resulting in losses. Please carefully read and take sufficient heed of the relevant information on the Investment Fees and Risks page (Japanese) on the Rakuten Securities Inc. website and the pre-contract documents, etc.

●Company name: Rakuten Securities Inc. (https://global.rakuten-sec.co.jp/)

●Company Registration Number: Director of Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Financial Instruments Firms) No. 195, Commodities Future Trading Firm

●Member of the following associations: Japan Securities Dealers Association, the Financial Futures Association of Japan, and the Commodity Futures Association of Japan

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