October 29, 2014
  • Fusion Communications Corporation
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten Group to Enter Mobile Phone Service
Business with the Launch of Rakuten Mobile

Tokyo, October 29, 2014 - Fusion Communications Corporation (“Fusion”), a telecommunications company of Rakuten Group, today announced the launch of the low cost calling service Rakuten Mobile.

About Rakuten Mobile
Rakuten Mobile is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) service provided by Fusion which utilizes NTT DOCOMO’s LTE network. In Rakuten Mobile, customers can choose to sign up for a package featuring a SIM-free device and a low cost voice calling compatible SIM card, or opt for the SIM card alone.

Features of Rakuten Mobile
Offering the Latest Smartphone
For the first model of SIM-free devices on offer with the Rakuten Mobile service, the ZenFone 5, the latest smartphone from ASUS Japan, has been chosen. Announced on 28 October, 2014, by ASUS Japan, the ZenFone 5 features a high-speed processor and a large amount of memory, and with LTE transmission, offers an enjoyable smartphone experience. The device is planned to be delivered to customers who simultaneously sign up for the Rakuten Mobile service and the device after the release date of 8 November, 2014.

About the Device
Device Name: ZenFone 5
Manufacturer: ASUS JAPAN LTD.
OS: Android 4.4.2
Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 (quad-core CPU)
Operating Frequency: 1.2 GHz
Display: 5-inch
Main memory: 2GB
Storage: 8GB

Easy Application for Rakuten Members who have Registered Credit Cards
For customers with a Rakuten membership and a credit card registered, the identity of the customer can be confirmed with their Rakuten membership data, reducing the time to apply for the service to a minimum of 5 minutes.

Lowest Price in the Industry*1
Rakuten Mobile will provide four plans for customers. The “Basic” plan offers a maximum transmission speed of 200kbps for a monthly fee of 1,250 yen, the lowest price in the industry*1. The “2.1GB Pack” offers 2.1GB of high speed data transmission for a monthly fee of 1,600 yen. The “4GB Pack” offers 4GB of high speed data transmission for a monthly fee of 2,150 yen. The “7GB Pack” offers 7GB of high speed data transmission for a monthly fee of 2,960 yen. Each of these four plans are provided at a lower cost than the voice SIM services offered by other companies.

Further Savings on Phone Calls Through Viber and Rakuten Denwa
The devices come with the apps for Viber, the VoIP and messaging service provided by Viber Media, a Rakuten subsidiary, and Rakuten Denwa, the low cost telephone service provided by Fusion, preinstalled, and by using both of the apps, customers can reduce the cost of calling. With Viber, users can chat and make calls to other Viber users for free. In addition, calls to landlines are also free*2. With the Rakuten Denwa app, calls can be made from the smartphone at a rate of 10 yen for 30 seconds, cheaper than the typical smartphone rate of 20 yen for 30 seconds.

Under its founding concept of “Drastically changing the telecommunications environment in Japan,” Fusion will continue to strive to create services that truly benefit users.

*1. According to research by Rakuten, as of 28 October, 2014.
*2. Calls to landlines are free only for the duration of the campaign.

Rakuten Mobile Device Cost
Lump Sum Payment (Planned Delivery Date: after 8 November, 2014)
Lump Sum Price: 26,400 yen
*Payable by credit card only

Rakuten Mobile Calling SIM Card Pricing

*All plans feature a yearly contract. Cancellations prior to the completion of the 1 year usage period will incur a cancellation fee.
*3. Customers can obtain high-speed communications by purchasing additional coupons.

Promotional Campaign
A promotional campaign will be carried out to celebrate the launch of Rakuten Mobile, offering customers who sign up to the service a variety of rewards. The details are as follows:

-No monthly fee for the first month
-After making a contract with Rakuten Mobile (for either a device and SIM card set or just a SIM card), customers can receive 1,000 Rakuten Super Points for registering on and using Rakuten Denwa during the campaign*4
-Customers who purchase the device in a lump sum payment will receive 1,500 Rakuten Super Points

・Campaign Period: From 29 October, 2014 until 9:59 AM on 19 November, 2014

・Eligible Plans: All Rakuten Mobile plans

*4. Customers who are already users of Rakuten Denwa become eligible for the campaign by purchasing a SIM card.

Rakuten Mobile Service Site: https://broadband.rakuten.co.jp/rmobile/

*All prices exclude tax

About Fusion Communications Corporation
Fusion Communications Corporation is a telecoms provider in Rakuten Group that provides fixed-line telecommunications (private lines), IP telephones, mobile services (Rakuten Mobile), and Internet-connected services under the concept of achieving “Everything over IP.” It is aiming to further develop and grow its business in order to create new possibilities in audio, data, content, and applications over its IP platform. For more information: https://www.fusioncom.co.jp/.

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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