September 25, 2014
  • Rakuten Card Co., Ltd.

Rakuten Card to Make “Rakuten Super Points E
Transferable Between Family Members

- New service allows users to make effective use of points and
further enjoy shopping through Rakuten’s various services -

Tokyo, September 25, 2014 –Rakuten Card Co., Ltd., a Rakuten Group company, announced today the launch of the “Family Points Pooling Service,” a new service where Rakuten Super Points can be transferred between the principal holder of the Rakuten Card and the holders of credit cards issued to the family members of the principal cardholder (spouses, parents, and children*1) (“Family Card”).

Until now, Rakuten Super Points were accumulated by making purchases on Rakuten Ichiba, or by making payments using Rakuten Card, which could only be utilized by the Rakuten member to whom the points were granted. The launch of the new service allows accumulated points to be transferred between Rakuten Card members and Family Card members. This makes it even easier for Rakuten Card members to utilize their points and have a more enjoyable shopping experience through the sharing of points between family members.

According to a Rakuten Card survey*2, 51.2% of Rakuten cardholders wished they were able to utilize points by transferring accumulated points between family members. The “Family Points Pooling Service” is thus expected to contribute to improving user satisfaction and promoting the circulation of points within the Rakuten Ecosystem.

Rakuten Card offers various services as a credit card that has no annual membership fee and offers a generous point rewards program. Enrollment in the Family Card has been open to the family members of the principal cardholders since July 2005. Managing the family’s spending is made easy with the Family Card’s payment deducted from the account registered by the principal cardholder.

Rakuten Card remains committed to offering highly convenient services and improving user satisfaction.

*1.Aged 18 or older, excluding high school students.
*2.Internet survey; conducted in November 2013.


Service Overview

Service Name: Family Points Pooling Service

Service Launch Date: Thursday, September 25, 2014

Description: This service allows points to be transferred between the principal Rakuten
Card and Family Cards that are issuable to the principal cardholder’s
spouse, parents, and children (aged 18 or older, excluding high
school students).

Transferable Points: Rakuten Super Points (normal points)
50 points – 10,000 points/month (unit: 1 point)

Eligible Cards: Rakuten Card, Rakuten Premium Card, Rakuten Black Card, Family Card

How to Transfer Points:
1. Log into “Rakuten e-NAVI,” an exclusive online service for Rakuten Card members
2. Input the number of points you want to transfer, and select the Rakuten Card member to whom you wish to
transfer your points.
3. Lastly, input the security code on the back of your card and transfer your points.
*The points will be transferred within three days of completing the transfer request.

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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